the beginning

well, this is ma first post for this blog..and... yearp.... wut shud i start wif ?

okay, i think lets start wif da title... THOUGHT OF LIFE

why i name this blog as thought of life? well, actually... i got sumthing flying around in ma mind...
i always ask maself.... Wut Life Is? and there must be anyone out there thinking the same thing like me ryte?

Neway, from ma opinion...i always think that life is da journey dat we shud treasure till da end..
No matter wut happen... we have to stand still either it is hard or easy, happy or sad... or even it is cruel or not.

However, different people think different way...
and this blog is for free... for me to express wut i think and feel...
and dat is also why it is name ::thought of life::

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