basically, trust is a trust! haha..
well, a dictionary wud say dat trust is "Reliance on something in the future or can also be said as hope"
neway, as for me... in a relationship, no matter wut relationship it is.. famly, frens or even for couple... trust is da most important thing. n u noe y? coz without trust, there's nothing more u can hold on to dat relationship. without trust, why u have to still hang in there... hurm... its useless..

besides, ma dad used to tell me when i was a kid... he said, i'm okay in interacting wif people... however i got a weakness which is i will easily trust people~ n i still remember till now... wut i was thinking is... izt wrong to trust people? especially ur frens, people u love..

n when it comes to frens... i owez trust ma fren. even i noe, yeap! she's lying to me, i just ignore dat not good feeling and make maself trust for wut she said to me.. haha... sometimes its so funny.. u noe dat gal is being dishonest, u still want to trust her!? for da frenhip sake~ huhu....

well, there is just easy way to noe when dat someone is honest or not wif u. one simple tip which evryobody noe i think.. when dat sum1 is takling to you, you can noe is she being honest or not is by looking deep into her eyes. well, ma folks used to tell me dat, if dat sum1 is being dishonest wif u, she will not look into ur eyes when she's talking to u~

neway, don let urself being fooled easily, from a seminar i once joined leme learnt dat, there is also a person so brave on lying which she will look deep in our eyes while being dishonest. this thing happen when she want to catch our trust.

however, for me... i don care much if poeple being dishonest wif me... coz i will noe. and its really doesn't be a matter. coz wut more important for me is a relationship call frindship, but not a word dat will ruin dat ship, okay~


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