friends.... wut fren is? well, besides family, fren also one of those on our top list.... ryte? for me, frens are very important. n i do care each of ma fren. i owez wish to be ma best for ma frens. to present as best as i cud.

whenever they are happy.. i wish to be happy too
whenever they are sad, i wish i can cheer them up
whenever they need sum1 to be by their side, i wish i can owez gv ma shoulder
whenever they hurt me, i wish i won't show them how hurt i am... (well bley ke?)

sometimes, it happens... i can't hide ma face.... letting them noe just making them hurt too..
i wish dat will not happen.. coz i don want to hurt anyone. in fact, i love ma frens so much. however, i can't always be da best coz i'm not an angel kan..? hurm...

well, just do da best as best as i can... hopefully...
friends are friends, and friends are important to me~!


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