working on wiken?

Wut a hectic days tis week...hmm.. got to work on saturday!!! omg
Have to do some things that need to settle before monday...working on sunday? of coz la taknak!! huhu

After settle down all the stuffs, me and family went to Kajang to visit k.gimin...

she just deliver new baby boy name iman wafi...hehe comey2..
Lepak2 there.. and blik..

this pic, curik lam fb iwan..hehe jgn marah ye iwan.. :P

Sunday, yet still nothing to do..
sleeping all day long. In da evening, we femly went to Taman Wetland to lepak2 there...
hehe.. bawak bekal and dinner at the tower...hehe
besh2...nk p lagi..
can release tension there...memang tenang~~


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