just being someone

In my entire life, i did try ma hard just to understand people and treasure people's feelings...just how much i love to know and connect with people around me. Put aside my communication skills in getting new friends, i did try my best to understand people i knew. Doing ma best in whatever situations. Being there the time i was needed. Put aside all my problems, just to be someone useful to those who needed. I din do things without reasons. Just hope can be someone useful to another someone. I just can't refuse for things i dont wan to..coz i know i can..! Its not because i am someone who easily follow what people do or just do what people ask..i'm not a coolie anyway..! Its just i'm happy being that. I'm happy when i can help people. It makes me feel alive..living a life that i live... Fill the emptyness deep inside me. I dont ask people to remember every single thing i did or appreciate them.. Plus, i dont even ask for the words "thank you". Its just that i really hope people wont do those bad things to me. Things that can ruin our friendship. Coz i love every friendship that i built and really greatful for what i had. Thanks for good times and really sorry for those shits that i threw coz sometimes people do what others dont like. Its just because you are just who you are. And we all aren't perfect! That's why we need each other just to make it perfect and i don't blame you for things you din meant to coz i undestand we are all the same...aight?


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