worst day~hmm

today what a stupid mistake i almost done at my workplace..
I can't be so sure wt actually happen to me..
wt i almost done was...kill maself..ntah..yea kot~

actually i need to replace the old control box for screwdriver with a new one at production line
wut i did was, i do wait till the line stop for break...
however, i can't finish it during the time consumed..
and i was blurrr and trying to finish it even the production line ady goin to continue working after few minutes break...
i called my fren, and asked him..how? n what shoud i do..
i was panicked and blurrr...
then, he said "ko nak mati ke buat time production tengah jalan"
i was like..hah?0.o n i did realize...
OMG! what i'm trying to do..?nk settle problem kat line or nak kill maself~
depan2 people gk dy sergah ak...
all of sudden i feel lyk cryin..hmmm
then, naseb baek my sv datang n talk to me..if tak mmg terburai air mata..
i feel sad for wt had happened to me n for wt he had told me..huhu

the second thing happen was at petrol station...
as soon as the clock shows 5.30 and the ring bells..
i walked very quick to ma locker, changed ma shoes, and took ma bag..
i went straight away to punch out and get ma car at the parking...
drove straight away to...petrol station
nak isi minyak..
n wat happen was...after pay for the petrol
i walk to ma car and start filling..
after it was done, I went to ma seat and try to start the car..
wt i realized there was, i don have ma car key with me
wt da hell happen to me harrr?
very quickly walked to the cashier again and..
yeap!!it was there lol....

ish3..wat happen to me neh...!!!!


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