Everything seems come to an end soon.

How do I feel for this?

And I am not so sure about that. Am I?

Today just got a call from Dr. Mus. And he said he will be coming to SONY tis Wednesday, 6th of January 2010. His present here of course la for the final evaluation. Ma slides? Haven started yet. Hmmm.... Ma report? Lagi la idea. Logbooks?? seb bek td da tnye Dr. Mus cakap tak nak tengok. Just hantar with the reports nanti pon tak paham sangat. So, tayah ar rushing nak wat logbook kan. Yang penting present and SV kena ada with the evaluation form.

Besides, got a msg from a fren ajak hang out tomorrow nyte. Join? InsyaALLah...da ad org ajak, takkan simply nak tolak. Plus, mishhh ma frenss disamping kesibukanku ini. The fair? Erkkkk blah ar.... Sorry steven, it can't be help. Me penat sangat da. Time to have fun.Neway, sminggu tak p sony ase cam ajaib laks. hahahaaa.... Monday morning takley tgk wajah muda kerol tu, make me missh him laks. tape, atleast terubat rindu ble jmpa dy kat alamanda. 2 kali laks tu.

Ble nak muvi marathon? Sat and Sun kene hmmm... tp utang wajib dibayar kan? Sherlock Holmes here i come...heee :D Plus, ad org utang penyepak ngn me...tu pn kene bayar kan walaupn tak dituntut...jage2 eh :P

Besides? to be continue.... :D

22 Disember 2009



p/s: your trashes are mine.


here and there
north n south, east n west
i wonder..where am i?
not feeling so well...emotionally
where am i belong to?
where shud i go to?
da road...really not taken
its a mess!
and can't be so sure...
what awaits me at the end of da road
even along da way, just can't predict how does it look like
coz they are just nothing
working so hard, sometimes not making sense
it might be a waste..
just gimme a break n leme breath for some times
trust me!