Life Satisfaction

Life satisfaction is very subjective as it is depends on the individuals. What do you want in life? What is the most thing you really wish is yours? What is your golden goal? What thing most satisfied you? Loads loads of questions can keep on playing around in your mind. What actually you want in life?0.o

I believe none of these questions never stop disturbing your life. At least one of those.

After those interviews attended, TI is the most challenging that I ever faced. Besides the Stoichiometric Test, the Plant Touring just the hell out of ma mind. Ma mind was so damn tired because of lack of sleep, and tat one whole day commitment just much more insensible.

Talking about the interview, I am still confuse! "Why should I take this?"0.o A week decision making duration just not enough. Will never be enough! This is a great opportunity tho. The Job or The Environment? Which one is your choice? You'll never decide because great opportunity just never come in package!

Kekanda Adinda (Monoloque vs. Atilia)

Unofficially Graduated

Monim World!

Yesterday was the second time me went back to UTP just because to settle down the harbound things. shooooot!! There was a slight problem with the printing service.and damn u! The thing was, I call the pic and scold him about it. and the picture just keep hanging in ma mind all the way back home. Is that me? Scolding him with less professionalism? keep on wondering. For the very max when I really got angry was during the internship when I was so angry with Shrai (not his real name).and what happen was, I went away and talk to the white board. pretending that I was talking to him. For that matter, atleast it was between me and maself. and now, it includes the second party.and this is no good. and this is so not me.

Well, forget bout him. I just hope the thesis.They are all okay. I have done ma best. Giving ma best commitment of all. He, the sv will never get to see what I have done. Yea, its okay as long as am giving all ma heart when I was doing that. No doubt.

Hey, enough! This means that, am done! :) I just hope everything is okay and nothing to worry more. so, here I am, unofficially graduated.unemployed.waiting to be hired.aha, care to hire me?0.o erk, common la.ahahhaa

What The Hell

Her first single of fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby.

Ma time worth paid. Cant wait for the becoming New Year. It will be release on January.

Ma Star gonna shine again.... :)

For time like this, with too much test from Allah.

Again, you come to bring back the smile.

They are nothing, but still you trigger the vibe abit. Miss yaa!

p/s: I just read latest update from her blog.and it will be released on March 8.cant wait cant wait


"Describe me in one word?"

I fell silent once shot with this Q. And she gave me the idea to shoot her with the same Q. And she gave me the idea to sell maself during the interview using 'that' word with 'that' explanation. Thanks, really appreciate it.

Allah knows best. Thank You Allah 


Unofficially Grad.
Able to do Clearance without any outstanding summons.
Able to spend a lot of time with family at home.
Can have a lot of rest before start a new life.

s[a]tu en[a]m kos[o]ng

What a coincident when my table number for the last paper for the entire undergrad studies, which is Failure Analysis & Non-Destructive Examination is

one six zero

1     6     0

...and I'm done!


Yea, its kinda weird as tomorrow is aidiladha and I am here in Toronto. sort of a lit bit distracted. This is the first time not celebrating raya with family. Trying hard to coax myself tat tomorrow is just no other different than yesterday or any other days.Trust me, I Miss my family so damn much. Days, please move faster so that I wont realize how tomorrow will turn up and ridicule me. urghhh

Yea, why wonder what tomorrow would be as it will be as how it wanna be. Let it be then. Go! Focus on your study and you'll go through it. 

Yeap! ur right then... 

p/s: I am really sorry if I am the one who put you onto that accident. 

short note

The oral presentation was done!

and I am in Toronto.ahahaha :D

Now, preparing for the final exam. And the first and second paper will be tomorrow.

p/s: I hv confirm for ma attendance on 26th November & 1st December.

izt an issue?

There was a gal who believe that success will only be satisfied paid with damn full of hard work, determination and motivation.

And psychologically it is normal to not make a straight line on the graph. As a human being, the most high factor that tend to make people helpless when it comes to the word "feeling". Feeling tend to always being the barrier that people need to break in order to maintain the straight line.

What feeling? Why feeling?0.o
The feeling of laziness.scared.unsatisfied.not confident. and many more.
Those feelings will be the most enemy in self when achieving something. The tendency of going outside of the comfort zone is the most probability that people will not choose when those feelings come. And I believe, those people who manage to pursue, is those people who tried so hard.

And, for those who stay still and look down on those people who is trying is useless. Yes. If they said, those who is trying her best to be better is useless, are those who we can call s.t.u.p.i.d

I have had enough said. Coz I appreciate each hard work of people. Thanks.

All for all

Dear World,

I have a courage to believe that we will meet soon. Not a little longer when I will be outta here less than a month. I know, others said you are hard enough and it depends on the people how to handle you. Certains are brave enough to get over you but certains just being following the flow. I am not sure if I am ready enough to be there with you. Because I believe you wont make things much easier. I once put a step on you, and I can see the real situation. Still, I was there for one small step and it wasnt enough to proof me that you're gonna be bad to me. Now, this is the chance for me to blend in all you. Am I ready for the challenges and circumstances?? Yeah, I believe there are alot more than you can imagine. 

Life would be much better with none regret. Keep on moving on!

I had my last test today. and it was the last for the entire undergrad studies. I really wish to continue, but there's something much more important that I need to put in front. I believe, I will come back to this world in few years up front. Please gimme the chance.

Was busy with dissert. project's reports.presentations.and preparations for the test. and, the final presentation will be next week. Wish me luck!

p/s: I wud choose Klang Valley rather than Kemaman. :P

Aku Versus UTP

The title for my post should be Aku Versus UTP or Aku dan UTP? 0.o

ahaha both give different meaning =P but, I prefer Aku versus UTP. yes!

Well, the first draft of final exam timetable out ady. And I ady have the exam slip with me. So, the only thing that left now is my preparation. and my determination! and motivation! Oh, actually those are the only thing that I dont have now! aha! here I go~~

Aku versus UTP.

When I recall back when I first entered UTP. There was MAS. and...we were fed with so many things about UTP. in a week under the striking sun rays and those shitty things.Opss! shhh~ There's one thing that I still remember till now. When we were introduced to the UTP vision, and mission and not to forget the UTP Song..ahah!and the only thing that I know about is "well-rounded".

This vision & mission, can always be found whenever we open up the elearning. here we go~~

Mission: Our objective is to produce well rounded graduates who are creative and innovative with the potential to become leaders of industry and nation~

Yes, I believe that everyone is aware with the "well-rounded" term above and again and again we were always reminded by the lecturers. Now it comes to the time for me to ask myself. Does UTP achieve that in me? Having me as one of the utpian which will be graduating in less than a month? Am I a well-rounded graduate-to-be?

Now, let's look back at the UTP song's lyric!

Luasnya samudera dalamnya bumi,
Mendasari ilmu ke akar umbi,
Di dunia tanpa sempadan,
Kami berazam membina harapan,
Berpegang kepada nilai yang murni,Kemakmuran insan misi kami,
Hasil dituai, benih disemai,
Laba dinikmati beramai-ramai,


Universiti Teknologi Petronas,
Setiap warganya cerdas dan pantas,
Di bidang tekcnologi berdiri teguh,
Bersama ilmu, yakin dan jati diri,
Kami bertekad mencurah bakti,
Untuk dunia untuk manusia,
Matlamat kami sejahtera semua

and I can only give the cute-little-empty-stare as I dont really know if I ady achieve those or not. 0.o

p/s: this is the song that we sang during the last day of MAS after the oath taking.arent we?0.o


Pagi ini test EIS, kepala ak kosong. Setadi tu memangla. tp, still tak rasa apa. Nervous pon tak. Memang pelik~. Hati ak melonjak gembira apabila Nerdie ajk breakfast. Ak memang suka breakfast!hee Seketika sebelum keluar dari bilik, tetiba ak mendapat sms yg diforwardkan oleh kawanku. SMS tersebut dihantar oleh ayah arwah.

Terima Kasih salam pakcik kepada semua warga UTP. Alhamdulillah semua keadaan fizikalnya semasa sakit kembali normal dan sangat2 ceria. Nor Hafsah dikebumikan di Kuala Berang Trg. Wassalam. -Pakcik-

Semoga roh Echa (aka Acha) ( Nor Hafsah binti Mat Nor ) di cucuri rahmat oleh Allah s.w.t. Semoga beliau digolongkan dalam golongan orang2 yang mendapat syafaat Rasulullah s.a.w.

Pemergian beliau sangat tidak disangka. Panggilan Tiqah untuk mengesahkan nama penuh Echa pada petang rabu itu tidak kusangkan memang benar pelajar UTP yang dimasukkan ke ICU itu adalah Nor Hafsah binti Mat Nor. Aku agak terkejut dan memang tidak menyangka. Cerita lanjut yang diperoleh dari roomate beliau telah mengukuhkan lagi evidence dan sekarang aku dapat tahu cerita sepenuhnya. Bagi aku, arwah adalah seorang yang sangat baik hati dan tidak sombong.

p/s: Jauhi hasad dengki

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 2010 Corporate Video

Ethics of Happiness


How Should We Live? What Does It Require To Live A Good Life?
Man can only achieve happiness by using all his abilities and capabilities.

Forms of Happiness:
     1. Life of pleasure and enjoyment
     2. Life as a free and responsible citizen
     3. Life as thinker and philosopher

A person who only develops his body lives a life that is just as unbalanced as someone who only uses his head.

"Golden Mean" : We must be neither cowardly nor rash but courages, neither miserly or extravagant but liberal.

which are:  too little courage is cowardice, too much is rashness
                  not liberal enough is miserly, too liberal is extravagant

Just like eating, it is dangerous to eat too little, but also dangerous to eat too much!

p/s: anything but ordinary
p/s/s: am a big fan


This morning I had a dream.
A weird dream.
And I used to get weird dream but I will forget bout it 3 hrs after woke up.
but that dream...sigh (+______+)

p/s: a fren was hospitalized because her lung infected.she's critical.hope she'll be okay soon.

tl momento

p/s: she ady spare a space for me. Yes, I'm interested in business but atleast gimme a chance for the technical part. and, I'll take care of the rest

hot & spicy

Hey there! thanks for your cooperation in spicing up this matter. Yes! This is an important matter. Giving so much impact to Malaysian impression on UTP students. You just cant get away with that. Hey, if ur good enough then step upfront and clear UTP name. Haha I cant get more than enough to be emo with this matter. The fact that being a final year student and now wearing a board hanging on the neck saying "Please Hire Me!" just so desperately hope this matter wont put negative impact on those companies whom hiring. Well, thanks again O.W. 

Yeah, neither UTPian nor UTUSAN can shake me off.

As long as I can get things done. With that long list which never get short till the final day of examination. Yeah, still too long. and hey!in the mean time PLEASE HIRE ME! as well

my fyp poster

Well, the poster was submitted. and please be ready to start with the dissertation.oyeahh!no more time to be wasted but still, me keep on killing the time with stupid things.ahahaha

p/s:five reports need to be submitted!and none was done


I tot 2 months can wait.but, its just not. Went back home 2 times a week?ahah! really have to come back to UTP just because of the seminar. O yea, neway hye!it has been quite some time haven write just because I'm too busy plus with the laziness and the sleepyhead of mine.haha slept more than 12 hrs a day.haha believe it or not!! Well, actually it says busy when I have to go back home for family matters and came back to UTP for one night for the FYP seminar and went back home just because we have to go back to Kelantan for some important matters. Then, came back to UTP with less low motivation and lack of enthusiasm. Just for the Vehicle Chassis Design (VCD) pop test and attending the lab meeting for the FANDE project. Wah!the KTM is getting richer because of people like me.haha And yeap, yesterday got an interview at Puchong. Just the lazy me ady feel lazy to go back home, so I just shoot the interview and chose to stay at UTP. Maybe finishing my FYP poster. Well, it was done.Since tomorrow is the due date. Just kene leter la dengan Mr.Godzilla sbb buat kerja last minute kan.hahaha And now still cant print the poster as the pakcik asked me to go there tomorrow morning sbb dah ade 50 poster tgh queue to be printed. Hope can get it done before the class tomorrow.The good thing is, esok bley bangun breakfast lah!hee

p/s: Thanks to Mr. Godzilla for the poster contribution effort.hehe 
Mind uploading here?ahah! maybe next time :P

2 weeks off

2 weeks off with so many things happen.this long leave really makes me demotivated even me ady returned back to UTP. My 2 weeks hols has been spent to the max. Yelah, cuti for raya katakan.

Yeap, during the hols, there's so many memorable things happen. During I was on my way back home on thursday, I got a called for an interview. and it was on saturday. What? 2 days preparation?!and I left my clear folder at hostel. Have to get it and bring the folder during the interview.Plus, they want the copy of my certs.So, forsure I need to get the folder.and thanks to eday for helping me getting the folder.

Besides, I have invited kk to breakfasting at ma house on tat day. fetched her at UKM and she stayed at my house for 2 days. What a long time haven met. btw, she is ma primary school best mate. :)

So, the preparation for raya! Yeap!we have successfully run the project MEGA and both umi & abah happy. 2 in 1.Thanks to those who joint the venture.heheh....and got ma baju raya at PKNS shah Alam. Ady went to Nilai, but me din get nething from there. 

And the Raya!In the end, this the time we're together again as the whole family. I am glad to have such a very happy family who understand each my family so much.

Whole first & second day raya were spent to visit relatives on Abah's we din go back to Kelantan.and here is Abah's kampung. Well, we were happy. but, there was a tragedy on 3rd raya. Tragedy with cityliner bus driver.well, nothing serious bout that neway. And this is the best raya ever.even, I got stomachache on 2nd day raya.Thanks for those who came and thanks for those who make this raya the best raya ever! ('',) peace~

p/s:congrats to a fren of mine, N who got engaged.and congrats to K.M who got married.

esok balik, yeayy!!

Seriously, dun really have idea utk update. But, basically, there was drastic changes in here. Well, I got a new template and the new header designs. This is ma first approach. Still not satisfy enough tho. Anyway, its just fine for a new beginner as me. I dun really know to play with the html codes or css. But learning something new is fun!hee :) Well, to tell the truth, the idea is from a blogger who talks everything about blogging in his blog. The tips given are very useful. Be pleased to subscribe to his informative blog. And I hope I can make much2 more improvements.hee :P

Erm, now let's talk for what had happened to me recently. Without noticing that next week is already midterm + raya break. Tomorrow, I will be going back home. Who knows? I cant believe that it has already more than a month I have been staying in UTP and din even have time to go back home. And you know what? Spending all the time preparing for FYP just crazy. Trust me, I want this really to end quickly. I hope I can finish everything before the seminar, which is a week after raya. N yeap, I just met Ir this morning and my examiners for seminar would be Mr. Kamarudin N Ir Masri. I have no idea who Mr. Kamaradin is but, Ir Masri? OMG!! helppp me~~!! :O

The one and only 10 years vacuum chamber yang still survive kat UTP.hehe

And now, pause thinking bout the project for a while and focus on the becoming raya.hik3... and again this year raya kat KL yang lengang ituu :(. So, anyone yang ade kat kL, moh lerr raya sama2. Jemput2 la datang umah erp. I'm not sure about the raya preparation progress at home now. Hope things are just fine. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami. Bantulah kami untuk menjayakan project MEGA itu. InsyaAllah~ :) 

sahur far, I havent skip sahur yet. Even, just to wake up and drink plain water. Not being at home, wake up for sahur is something that is quite impossible. Well, I miss home. Feel like I cant wait to sahur and breakfasting at home. With families, with yummy foods (cooked by umi) hee...and the 2 September, please come fast. I just cant wait nemore.

Fadhilat sahur;

 Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya : “Bersahurlah kamu kerana sesungguhnya pada sahur itu ada keberkatan”. (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim) 

Sesungguhnya Rasulullah juga pernah bersabda bahawa waktu bersahur itu adalah bersamaan dgn bacaan 50 ayat al-Quran.

Just checking out last year album. N I found the pics the day we  were breakfasting at Cik Lah's house, Presint 14. N it was great! hee :)

So Tempting!!
Yummy Yummy!!
This is the time when k.yana apply a bit force and the chair move backwards all of sudden. and everyone were looking at us.haha
This is the time abah and me ady left to buy a besday cake for k.Jimin


This is the first time I felt this...
and honestly I hate this feeling...

All this time, I din give a shit what people say bout me...
what you want to judge about me...
Negative ke, suka buang masa ke, tak pandai ke...
coz every single thing you say, you must know that in the other way around,
there is also something that is lack about you....
but, this time, this moment, this feeling....really hurtsssss