tag by nerdiE

this post got nothing interesting act...but, seems I hv been tag by nerdiE...
so, alang2 bawu pas test MS, pe salah yekkk jwb jab...

1. Adakah anda HOT??
yess~!!memang i tgh hot ngn lipas2 yg wat bilik i cam umah snirik neh...menciiii

2. Upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda gune sekarang!

3. cerite pasal gambar
gambar ni tade kene mengena ngn i pon...i just choose the theme in the windows which I am using now. Since this is windows7.i can set to change the background every 30 minutes. so, da time I print screen is tis pic turn...

4. bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?'
So, kali terakhir makan pizza...last saturday~!as ma rumet craving for it.hee (me pon..saje tamo ngaku.. :P)

5. lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Save You by Simple Plan

6. apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ni?

listen to da music, berkebun kat facebook...hik3

7. selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil nama apa?
p, sharapika

8. tag lagi 8 org
tatau nk tag sape act...
1.sepetz 2.iwan 3.kak eyda 4.malin 5.eppo 6.adaf 7.ecah 8.etty

9. siapakah org no.1 kepada anda?

ma godzilla

10. katakan sesuatu mengenai org no.5..
now studying culinary

11. no.3 ada hubungan ngn sape?
ngn me n no.2

12. bagaimana pula dengan no.4?
kwn since mrsm

13. pesanan kepada orang no.6
keep up ur good work~!

14. kata2 cinta untuk org no. 2
jgn berputus asa~!wakaka (ni consider kata2 cinta tak?)

15. adakah no 7 dan 8 mempunyai persamaan?
erm, ada kot...2 2 kawan baik ngn farah

16. berikan 5 yang anda tau tentang org yang mentag anda
okayh..ni yg bestt~!!hik3
-tak penah ponteng kelas!
-bersin ble kena matahari yg terik
-sgt suke gadgets (as same as me)

17. persamaan antara KAMBING dan LEMBU?
nyahtinja merata-rata...wakakaka!!

18. perasaan anda wat tag ni?
erm...biasa2..nothing interesting pn

19. adakah anda tau si razman itu sengal?
xtau~!neway, razman tu sape?0.o

20. a) GAY or b) LESS
mane la wa tau...

I hate CockroacheS

Yeap, I think it has been quite some time since ma last post aite..
really~! I was so bz last week..

So, wassap with da title kan..?0.o hehe

okay2...da thing is I really hate cockroaches.

The most dirty insect ever.
The smell? urghhhh~!!
really hate it...
Last nyte, me n rumie cleared up everything..til 4 am in da morning..huh!
really hope there's no more lipasss after this
nasib la bilik dekat ngn toilet....arghhhh~!!

btw, tis is me n baby amalin, da day I went to visit pakcik sahar at manjung.. :)

midsem break

ain't as beautiful as it sounds
got so many things to be done~

when I was home, I just can't get rid ma mind from thinking of those papers and project~!

really hate it..not tis kind of hols tat I really ever wanted for
when I'm home, I really wan to be at home...
Thus, decided to come back to UTP early and now started to miss home ady :(

neway, thanks tu CiK BuN ajak me kua after a very long~~~ time tak jumpe... hehe :)
tetiba lak tringat time same2 p bengkel untuk scholarship Telekom....bukan main adventure~!
ble da dapat, tanak plak...ish3

Yeap! not to forget....I watched Alice in Wonderland~!hahaha
pls3, jangan pelik I tgk fantasy movie....hee :)
okay2, actually there's a reason hati I ley terdetik nk tgk Alice in Wonderland...
Actually, sbb lagu intro n ending dy lagu Avril Lavigne...wakakakkaa :P

and, da muvi is not bad either~!



internship result out ady~!!

just wana say thanks to Mr.K...such a great sv.really thanks for da support... :)

nice having u as ma sv there..in TV JRD dept.

Company: SONY EMCS (Malaysia) SDN. BHD

Department: TV Jig R & D

Lokasi : Bandar Baru Bangi

Super great supervisor: Mr. Khairul Anuar Sidek

Ma Temporary Port: [01,03] besides Mr. K

Workshop: best port to avoid those glances of "bz" people looking at me as a stranger [hahahaha]

PIC Remover: Ma favret tool ever~! :)

Hey, tayah la nk cakap ko lagi bagus dari aku ke, keje ko lagi valueable dari org tu ke org neh ke...

Just do wt ur doin, as best as u can...

If u think i'm not good enuf for u, so do u.

If I'm not good enuf for who I am, u better noe ur far not good enuf for who u r.


p/s: tak bengang pon, saje nk tulis ayat tu.

nips purple...hee :)

Semalam jejalan kat taman maju after dinner...najwa nk singgah kedai HOTLINK.

then, ble smpai UTP singgah cherish.cherish tu cam kopetro la...kat sebelah CIMB...

tgh2 cuci mata, tetiba ternmpak neh ;

teringat lak kat sorang neh....

she used to eat tat, tp buang kacang kat dalam tu...haha i found it a bit unique tho~


pernah tak ne1 jmpe sum1 who u can talk bout everything... (js plz not talk about ur bf/gf)
feel so comfortable, talking and changing ideas
when it comes to a part where u need to make a decision, u think u have to refer to tat person first
which u trust her/him for what she/he said will lead u to a better path
i found one, and i miss her when I js can't talk to her as how we used to be....~

p/s: thanks for sharing tat lil tym with me~ heee :)

from night owl to early bird

Ever since the new semester begin, ma biological clock become a bit chaos where...

1. sleep at a time which exceed ma bed time
2. so hard to wake up early in the morining
3. get sleepy during the day

haishh....really hate tis~!

i'm not so sure why tis happen...but really hope i can get back to ma biological clock.
just need da feeling of waking up early in da morning which make me feel so comfortable and light...

well, here are 8 tips which hopefully can change me back from night owl to early bird~

1. Make a nighttime routine

  • Half the battle of getting up earlier is falling to sleep at a reasonable hour. Start a nighttime routine that gets your body ready to relax, and put your routine in motion at least 8 hours before your alarm is going to go off in the morning. Maybe this includes taking a warm bath, having a cup of chamomile tea, deep breathing, or getting under the sheets and reading or writing in your journal. Create a ritual that will really get you to slow down and welcome an early bed time with open arms.
2. Turn off the TV and the computer
  • Television and the internet are too stimulating for pre-bedtime behavior. Don't watch TV in bed and stop surfing the internet long before your nighttime routine.
3. Lay off the caffeine
  • Nineteen cups of coffee during the day may be what's making you a night owl. Switch to decaf at 4pm at the latest, preferably earlier.
4. Have a light supper
  • Those cheesy chicken enchiladas don't just make you feel sluggish right after dinner. A heavy meal right before bed can disturb your sleep and make it harder for you to wake up in the morning. Stick to lighter nighttime meals for awhile, like soups, vegetarian stews, and hearty dinner salads.
5. Open the curtains
  • "Here comes the sun, little darling," and what a way it is to wake up. Excuse the corniness, but there's something life-affirming about greeting the day with the sun streaming into your bedroom. And then there's the practical reason -- it's hard to sleep with the sun in your eyes.
6. Know your motivation
  • If you want to wake up earlier just because you feel like a loser when you sleep in, that's not exactly what psychologists would call a positive motivator. You need a reason to do somethingnot to do something else. Do you want to get to work before your boss so she can see you looking productive as soon as she walks in? Do you want to have time to write in the morning before the kids get up? Think about what's motivating you to become an early bird in the first place and write down all the reasons. Keep them next to your alarm clock as a motivating reminder when you want to hit snooze.
7. Make morning appointments
  • Schedule early morning meetings, workout sessions at the gym with a friend, and teeth cleanings. Make your obligation to wake up earlier not just to yourself but to someone else. You'll hold yourself more accountable if you know your bestie is waiting for you on the elliptical machine.
8. Give yourself an incentive
  • If you're the type who responds to rewards for a job well done, this tip is especially important. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe or 15 minutes of blog reading before you hop in the shower, but once you've done the hard work of getting out of that big, cozy bed, give yourself a little reward.

-by Sarah McColl, Shine staff, on Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:49am PST -

really hope can do tis...jst need ma life to be back as usual~