midsem break

ain't as beautiful as it sounds
got so many things to be done~

when I was home, I just can't get rid ma mind from thinking of those papers and project~!

really hate it..not tis kind of hols tat I really ever wanted for
when I'm home, I really wan to be at home...
Thus, decided to come back to UTP early and now started to miss home ady :(

neway, thanks tu CiK BuN ajak me kua after a very long~~~ time tak jumpe... hehe :)
tetiba lak tringat time same2 p bengkel untuk scholarship Telekom....bukan main adventure~!
ble da dapat, tanak plak...ish3

Yeap! not to forget....I watched Alice in Wonderland~!hahaha
pls3, jangan pelik I tgk fantasy movie....hee :)
okay2, actually there's a reason hati I ley terdetik nk tgk Alice in Wonderland...
Actually, sbb lagu intro n ending dy lagu Avril Lavigne...wakakakkaa :P

and, da muvi is not bad either~!

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