is for?


  1. -----cikfaz----- said...

    someone slalu sebut kat i the words

    "loser" ..

    trus i ingt that word utk ur entry ni~

    sharapika said...

    L oso can be da acronym for Luck or fuk tao...

    dun get me wrong.. :)

    tell tat sum1, ur not loser!

    -----cikfaz----- said...

    hahaa.. i dont mind being kol a Loser coz i know i'm not~ :)

    L utk LOVE pon boleyyy~

    sharapika said...

    aik, u mean lama ke lame?

    haha....pepelah..yg penting,

    a'ah, lame tak jumpe

    n if u mean lame...i dun sajes any negative words here..thanks! :)

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