where am I ?

what happen?0.o
wadehek with this early in the morning post?
okayh, smlm nerdie post kol 8.35am..now me at 6.35 am!!

wt happen actually is I cant really sleep coz ma mind keep talking and UTP actually panas sangat!
[49 degree celcius.b
etulke? ma godzilla said, if 49, mesti da trbakar UTP.hahaha]

It's not that, woke up early in da morning and start to babbling here for nothing, but...


1. is quality better than quantity? or its vice versa
2. is hypocrite better than honest? or its vice versa
3. is purple better than green? or its v
ice versa

Izt true I got emotion problem? okayh
or is da answer is really a "yes" when I asked those questions?hmm 0.o

where am I when I am 25?

5 years ago or since 10 years ago I owez think about this...
and this post keep pending in ma post list coz I dunno what to write about it.
I owez wish I am a better person. wish I am far better than I am now.
I used to draw ma life time-line how I wan my life to be, but when I looked back...
none would be as same as it is.
when, it does happen...what shud I do?
but still, i dunno where will I be when I am 25.
coz I owez noe what I want, its just izt mine or somebody else?

when it comes to :: happiness :: what about it ??
I used to read "sophie's world"
the world of philosopher, coz I wan to noe what they think about "thinking, life and happiness"
what plato thinks? what about aristotle? and other scholars
reading this...does it prove that i am...? OMG!
one of the reason is cause I luv to understand people and how people think..
but when it comes to me...?what about it?

ma life full of questions when I start to think bout every single thing!

p/s: dun make ur life miserable just thinking about what will happen in da future.
U better think, "how to make ma life better!"


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