Cakap salah, tak cakap salah

Care salah, tak care salah

Sayang salah, benci salah

Honest salah, hipokrit salah

Buat salah, tak buat salah

Tido salah, bangun salah

Baca salah, tak baca salah

Pk salah, tak pk pon salah


I know

I am saks at talking

I am saks at expressing feeling

I am saks at explaining

p/s: I hope yu noe it too


Yes it is.


I was so shock.


When it comes to

Money runs the WORLD

p/s:May Allah bless for whatever reason


Maaf kerna aku pentingkan diri sendiri

Maaf kerna aku tak pedulikan perasaanmu

Maaf kerna aku tak merasa apa yang kau rasa

Maaf kerna aku bukan yang terbaik untukmu

Maaf kerna aku tak mampu beri kau kebahagiaan

Maaf kerna aku adalah aku



I chose to be happy.

Told maself tat I wan to be happy.

Things turn da other way around.

I tried ma best...but seems like...nothing is alright.


mode :: dem miserable

p/s: Thanks Abah for a long talk. so relieved. Will always remember your words. Miss home. Miss Family loads loads loads....


it was a mistake.

the tears today not enuf to be shed.

so many things were not on place.

Tried to calm down, watching gossip girl.

pfffttt...wasnt so lucky. this episode almost make me cry.

the substances this time not like previous.

me think tis episode spread so many messages.


Those dialogues that me prefer.

Blair Waldorf: "We all try on old clothes from time to time, and sure we may be surprised when they still fit but that doesnt mean we should wear them again, ever! "

Dan Humphrey: "Say life is giving you signs, and ur ignoring them bcoz ur afraid of the thing they're signaling you to do. but then u think, what if these signs are here for a reason and ignoring them just makes me a coward"

Chuck Bass: "The world ur looking for only exist from the outside.the only reason I survive in it is becoz I always knew it was empty"

Nate Archibald: "You know? I think it's great that u wanna work on urself, but I'm not gonna wait around to see how things if ur out ur out"

Rufus Humphrey: "Your mother's thrilled to have u, but you can come anytime.ur ma daughter Jenny, and I love u forever and always, come wuteva"

Eric Vander Woodsen: "You maybe a total bitch sometimes. but ur ma bestfren"

Gossip Girl: "We leave the past behind and speed towards the unknown.Our future. we set out for far-off places and try to find ourselves or try to lose ourselves. exploring pleasures closer to home.the problems start when we refuse to let change happen.and cling to old habits.but if we hold on to the past too tight, the future may never come"

p/s: and the ending really surprise me!

hold on

Ya Allah,

Ampunilah dosa2ku

Ampunilah dosa2 kedua ibubapaku serta keluargaku

Bahagiakanlah keluargaku

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,

Engkau yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang,

Bantulah kami dalam mengharungi ujian-Mu ini,

Berikanlah kami kekuatan untuk terus berjuang,

Ringankanlah beban kami Ya Allah

Berikanlah kami kesihatan rohani dan jasmani

Hanya pada-Mu kami berserah

Hanya pada-Mu kami memohon pertolongan

Hanya pada-Mu kami mencari petunjuk dan hidayah

Ya Allah,

Sungguh berat ujian-Mu ini~

"Dear God, the only thing i ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around. When I much too far away."

Umi, Abah, Along, Ateh, Achik, Kakak, Syafiq. We will always be together. Hold on tight no matter what happen. We will face this together. We belong together forever~

May Allah bless us~

Miss M

It is hurt when u being ignored without knowing what your fault is

I wonder why we are fated to meet?

Really, I learn alot from you. Just admired how much i cud be like you

Strong character outside, and always know what you want

But why? if this gonna end like this....we shudnt hv met

coz it hurts me more than anything else~

I know I am not as good as you

I might have done something stupid that you cant accept

But, wat was that?? Do I deserve not to know that?

I dun beg you to be by my side if you just hate me so much

Hating me is the last thing I wan you to have

coz you are the one that I respected the most~

I might be someone who is 

but you are someone 
special in my life

Yeap, I know those are two far different things

But still, I wan to say that I owe you much coz you help me alot!

Those 8 months not only an internship for me

It was a training to be a-better-me & really thankful for you

I am 
sorry for anything stupid that I did

I am sorry for not being someone good that ur expecting me to be

I am 
sorry for every single thing

Just so u know....Wo Shiang Ni~!!


Dear friends,

Course Registration July 2010

July 2010?

wud be ma final semester in UTP (insyaAllah). ma
fren said I wud miss moment of UG. haha really?

Okay, ckp pasal course registration tu kan.

Last semester, busy with work smpai i tak tahu pon ble kene register course. kat opis takley bukak tenet. after kije lak penat. wiken kije jugak. kdg2 kua. mana de masa nk cek elearning. kalo dlu rajin gak cek elearnster. (elearning + friendster) haha..

Kalo dah malas bukak utp website, byk plak alasan.fuhh~~

Pastu, tup2 nerdie call i sminggu nk tutup tarikh register tanye da register course ke belum. I was like...ha?? then, trpaksala amek subject maju kedepan.huhu

Dah nasib tade tenet kan, so mintakla tlg Nerdie register for me.

This sem, awal2 lagi da pesan kat Nerdie tlg register for me coz she can log in ma prism.

Tapi kan...tapi kan...tapi kan....

Nk dijadikan cerita. tepat jam 12 i trus register and s
iap tlg register utk nerdie skali.hehe :D hepiiii~

sila klik kat anak panah tu untuk register yea...pat2

Oral Presentation~!

Madam Rosmawati: "I'm happy with your presentation and report. However, I would suggest you to improve your documentations to have more graphical and details instead of words"

P: "Thank You madam! that is a good idea. Will looking forward into that"

Mr. Faizairi: "What method will you use in order to fabricate this MUAV for mass production?"

P: "If it is for mass production, I wud use injection moulding. Even the cost to produce the mould would be expensive but for mass production, there would be no problem as I will gain much profit from that."

So relieved as the presentation went well. Not so much problem. Plus, Mr. Faizairi being so much helpful as he brought me to the lab 17 to show and suggest me using the compression moulding machine for the final stage of fabricating the MUAV.

(in the lab)

Mr. Faizairi: "You bley jawab soalan killer tadi. Baguslah"

P: ...sengeh jerk...


1.The RP and RT was done with so much problem. Still din get the desired final product.
2.The interim report and presentation slides were done within 5hours only.

p/s: Thanks to godzilla, for accompany me in completing all these!!! so much appreciated~

Happy Mother's Day~!

Today is mother's day...and seriously I miss home!

I still remember once when we (ma siblings and me) were small, how we celebrated mother's day.

Lucky tat time was hols or wikend, me and ma sister who were in boarding school came back home.

That nyte, we're practicing a nasyid song, lined-up and dedicated tat song together to umi & abah.
(ala, mcm persembahan nasyid kat sekolah..hee)

but now, seems sume stay jauh...a bit frustrated when we can't celebrate it like we used to.

I miss ma family...! the time when we all are together only during raya i guess....huhu

What I can say here is, I am proud of Umi and Abah.

They always try their best in order to raise us in a good way.

They don see financial status as a weakness to create a perfect family.

They always see the potential in us and encourage us for our interests.

Always Being the Shoulder, Keep us Company, Make us Feel Secure and Comfort.

There's so much tat I can't say all here.

I have trouble this folks since I was small.

Now this is the time for me to give them what they gave me.I owe them so much!

this is mother's day last year. they went to Kedah and drop by at UTP. so, surpriseee!!

Allah, please help me in my future undertaking~!

Batch Dinner!!

As expected. It still does not fulfill ma expectation...hahaha no hard feeling.
The preparation was okay. and the dinner was okay. Just the environment was not reaching ma expectation.tat's it!

And tat night, I dressed like a Rock Star! The theme was black and white.
But, still...I mixed up the color with silver!hehe

So, tat was me!!heee... :D

Went there with ma rumet, Yanto Marcello....and Hana..!!

So, the food was okay.
The emcees were okay.
The performances were okay.
The people were okay.

But the thing is, project manager dy pon I baru kenal tat nyte!huhu

Macam mana boleh tak kenal batch sendiri. Tapi, memang tat nyte ramai giler muka2 yang I tak kenal. Nerdie plak, at first ajak me jadi date dy...pastu tetiba lak cancel sbb omsick. Nak balik umah plak....huhu

p/s: Tat was one of the moment in UTP tat I will remember! Plus, sempat lagi singgah Ameeth dengan baju dinner itu...hahaha


Actually, I have nothing to say. Just wana write something here.

Tonyte, got batch dinner!

Really wan to share this with another someone besides godzilla...but she's being ignoring me~

I dunno what ma fault is. Call tak angkat, msg tak reply, pm pon tak reply.

Really frustrated bout that. I dun even know what ma fault is.

If i am wrong, atleast leme noe what was tat.

If the word torture is big enough to break the friendship, meaning this friendship is so fragile.

Memang tengah susah hati now....ase mcm tade mud pon nk p dinner tu...

Fyp lah, Interim lah, Presentation lah, test lah...n mcm2 lgi...haihhhh

the day of 5th May

Today is the day I have decided actually stop or putting a barrier to da social net-working communication.

This has come to mind when I google ma name "syafiqa misran"...and wallah!! so many things in the list.

I think, google revealed so many things about me and thus I have decided today to restricted this blog to the owner only...which is me! :)

Might open again to the public....well, one day maybe~

What have I done actually?

1. Restrict the blog.
2. Deactivate ma Facebook account. Thinking of deleting it, but then all ma femly members is using this as one of the communication medium.
3. Put the Friendster account in private and changed the name.heee :)
4. Deleted Netlog account. Dont know since when do I have it
5. Changed ma profile at hi5 account.

Hope that would be enough tho.

p/s: will be invited only few to view ma updates here!

hey, soul sister!

This song is a nice song.. :)

Download: Hey, soul sister.mp3