Batch Dinner!!

As expected. It still does not fulfill ma expectation...hahaha no hard feeling.
The preparation was okay. and the dinner was okay. Just the environment was not reaching ma expectation.tat's it!

And tat night, I dressed like a Rock Star! The theme was black and white.
But, still...I mixed up the color with silver!hehe

So, tat was me!!heee... :D

Went there with ma rumet, Yanto Marcello....and Hana..!!

So, the food was okay.
The emcees were okay.
The performances were okay.
The people were okay.

But the thing is, project manager dy pon I baru kenal tat nyte!huhu

Macam mana boleh tak kenal batch sendiri. Tapi, memang tat nyte ramai giler muka2 yang I tak kenal. Nerdie plak, at first ajak me jadi date dy...pastu tetiba lak cancel sbb omsick. Nak balik umah plak....huhu

p/s: Tat was one of the moment in UTP tat I will remember! Plus, sempat lagi singgah Ameeth dengan baju dinner itu...hahaha


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