the day of 5th May

Today is the day I have decided actually stop or putting a barrier to da social net-working communication.

This has come to mind when I google ma name "syafiqa misran"...and wallah!! so many things in the list.

I think, google revealed so many things about me and thus I have decided today to restricted this blog to the owner only...which is me! :)

Might open again to the public....well, one day maybe~

What have I done actually?

1. Restrict the blog.
2. Deactivate ma Facebook account. Thinking of deleting it, but then all ma femly members is using this as one of the communication medium.
3. Put the Friendster account in private and changed the name.heee :)
4. Deleted Netlog account. Dont know since when do I have it
5. Changed ma profile at hi5 account.

Hope that would be enough tho.

p/s: will be invited only few to view ma updates here!


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