Happy Mother's Day~!

Today is mother's day...and seriously I miss home!

I still remember once when we (ma siblings and me) were small, how we celebrated mother's day.

Lucky tat time was hols or wikend, me and ma sister who were in boarding school came back home.

That nyte, we're practicing a nasyid song, lined-up and dedicated tat song together to umi & abah.
(ala, mcm persembahan nasyid kat sekolah..hee)

but now, seems sume stay jauh...a bit frustrated when we can't celebrate it like we used to.

I miss ma family...! the time when we all are together only during raya i guess....huhu

What I can say here is, I am proud of Umi and Abah.

They always try their best in order to raise us in a good way.

They don see financial status as a weakness to create a perfect family.

They always see the potential in us and encourage us for our interests.

Always Being the Shoulder, Keep us Company, Make us Feel Secure and Comfort.

There's so much tat I can't say all here.

I have trouble this folks since I was small.

Now this is the time for me to give them what they gave me.I owe them so much!

this is mother's day last year. they went to Kedah and drop by at UTP. so, surpriseee!!

Allah, please help me in my future undertaking~!


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