Miss M

It is hurt when u being ignored without knowing what your fault is

I wonder why we are fated to meet?

Really, I learn alot from you. Just admired how much i cud be like you

Strong character outside, and always know what you want

But why? if this gonna end like this....we shudnt hv met

coz it hurts me more than anything else~

I know I am not as good as you

I might have done something stupid that you cant accept

But, wat was that?? Do I deserve not to know that?

I dun beg you to be by my side if you just hate me so much

Hating me is the last thing I wan you to have

coz you are the one that I respected the most~

I might be someone who is 

but you are someone 
special in my life

Yeap, I know those are two far different things

But still, I wan to say that I owe you much coz you help me alot!

Those 8 months not only an internship for me

It was a training to be a-better-me & really thankful for you

I am 
sorry for anything stupid that I did

I am sorry for not being someone good that ur expecting me to be

I am 
sorry for every single thing

Just so u know....Wo Shiang Ni~!!


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