Oral Presentation~!

Madam Rosmawati: "I'm happy with your presentation and report. However, I would suggest you to improve your documentations to have more graphical and details instead of words"

P: "Thank You madam! that is a good idea. Will looking forward into that"

Mr. Faizairi: "What method will you use in order to fabricate this MUAV for mass production?"

P: "If it is for mass production, I wud use injection moulding. Even the cost to produce the mould would be expensive but for mass production, there would be no problem as I will gain much profit from that."

So relieved as the presentation went well. Not so much problem. Plus, Mr. Faizairi being so much helpful as he brought me to the lab 17 to show and suggest me using the compression moulding machine for the final stage of fabricating the MUAV.

(in the lab)

Mr. Faizairi: "You bley jawab soalan killer tadi. Baguslah"

P: ...sengeh jerk...


1.The RP and RT was done with so much problem. Still din get the desired final product.
2.The interim report and presentation slides were done within 5hours only.

p/s: Thanks to godzilla, for accompany me in completing all these!!! so much appreciated~


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