a day


just so perfect! it would be better if i can do something like...working part time. or contract. or nething. hmm...doing nothing.not a favorite. well, atleast i'm trying to finish ma project. huh! still not so much fun.hahah if i din went back there last week, i might can start working since the last paper finished. well, i shouldnt regret it now as the project is in progress. well, its hols. shud stop thinking bout utp tho. hmm...hols it just started for me. one asked me "kalo balik umah pon nak wape?"hahah lame~ ma famly ma everything. there's no other place can make me feel secure as home.~! if it is home, it is where i belong to. kelantan or putrajaya. just the same, as long as there is ma family. where i can have joy n fun n happiness.


grey's anatomy season 6, episode 9.

karev to izzie:

You made an assumption. you decided i did something. you didn't ask. you didn't hang around to talk. I am your husband, and you didn't give me the benefit of the doubt. so, you noe what? i cant forgive you either!

Actually, there's nothing I wanna say here. Still havent finish watching grey coz got so many stuffs to do. So, at this point...just put this dialogue here to remind maself not to judge over something too quick and always try to understand every hidden motives. Not to put a blame on things easily and learn every single step that comes towards as life is a journey which will come to an end. well, things...also got emotions i guess~~

p/s: I am grateful to get a chance to noe u. and I am grateful you taught me alot. and i hope this time you're also teaching me something.


Do you noe this feeling? Feeling tat I cant describe. Feeling tat I just dunno how. Feels like I wan to be home with family. Parents. Sisters. lil Brother. Gossiping. Quarreling. Where those things bring us up together till here today. The day that we are big enough to think of everybody in the family. Mom. Dad. Making them proud of every single step we're taking. Put the sweetest smile ever in their faces. Knowing how grateful they are having us. The Children! The feeling still, I felt like crying when I found maself in a-dead-white-square-room with nothing and nobody but with an unaccomplished mission. Wow! Well, this is the time I need somebody to talk to me. Show me that I am not living here in a-dead-white-square-room but on a-sphere-shape-earth of demanding world could be. Feel like talking to a hand which can show me how should I be so grateful with what I got and keep on dreaming of what i hv been dreaming of coz dreams will help me realize that I shud keep on moving.well, when there is hope, there is ambition. when there is ambition, there is motivation. when there is motivation, there is competition. when there is competition, there is excellence!! Anyway, what with the silence attitude? I cant get used to it. coz silent treatment doesnt fit everybody. n me! I felt so EMPTY.

p/s:really wonder wt am i doin here.

K saved ma LIFE

a very big thanks to mr.K. You have always being good to me. I dunno how to repay u cuz I owe you alot!

no wonder

I have been thinking all day n night

why izt supposed to be this way...why have to questions all these

really wonder what...why...when...how

N now I know why...really surprised tho

I was there
I wasn't there
I am not there
I shouldn't be there
I dun have to be there
I am supposed not to be there
N I will not be there
No more.Never

Thanks for everything~!

besday abah~

besday Abah was celebrated at Skudai. As tat time we were there to bring back Along's stuffs n settle everything. But, Kakak n Syafiq weren't there as they were at home.

grey's marathon

Now, this is the time tat I’ve been waiting for. Just finish ma last project for this semester. Not FYP. Well, not yet.

What time izt?

Time to watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 6.

have been waiting for the whole semester to watch tis coz i tot season 5 was the last season.Wahaha~!

Come..join the club...let’s start the marathon~


I'm not Always Right, but I'm Never Wrong

Wow, the title...sound so transgressors aight.

Well, dun be mistaken. There is a meaning behind the words. I can't really recall where do I get tat sentence. But, whenever I used this phrase, people might asked me for the second time as they want to listen clearly the sentence. haha...yela cam poyo sangat je kan ayat tu.

I shud go to bed now, but please leme explain this for a moment.

Okay2, what does it mean from I'm not always right but I'm never wrong?

Let's put it this way.

For me, I will say that talking bad about a lecturer which I dissatisfied would not be a wrong deed as I thought I can say whatever I wan because I dun like her. Neway, it also stated in the federal constitution that I can talk about anything for whatever purpose at whatever place. However, for the person who listened to that would say that it is not right to talk bad about lecturer who teaches us and give us knowledge. So that, I'm not always right as for whatever I did would be wrong in the eyes of other people but I am not wrong when I think that it is me who is dissatisfied with the lecturer.

p/s: bare in mind that tis is only an example.chill~


Explain? what?

Refer to this entry [where am i]. Someone asked me coz she dun understand bout tat entry.

What I need to say here is, the word torture meant nothing tat day when it came out from ma mouth just like tat.

From this part;

1. is quality better than quantity? or its vice versa
2. is hypocrite better than honest? or its vice versa
3. is purple better than green? or its v
ice versa

Me just wanna make things clear about the first point. These phrase where related to friends. For instance, which one would you choose in building a ship of frens? Some people choose quality than quantity. What does tis mean? Well, quality means fren of us who we can rely on or trust. However, for those who choose quantity wud never care bout that. They would be frens to anyone so that they will have bundle of frens regardless of the quality. Usually people who chose quality would have less good frens than people who chose quantity. The person they know other than person that they consider as friends would be at the level of people-I-know.

p/s:Hope this explanation would be clear enough for you. Thanks

Social Networking

Yeap. I cant hold maself from social networking.
Those things that I have done on 5th May...[refer to this entry] was not so long as I still keep on blogging, twitting and signing in ma facebook. Urghh~!!

Okay2 I know. Why I did tat?

Actually I just dun wan to spread those negative ions which scatter around me.
Please....there's nothing other than this. Trust me! N there's too much I wan to update.
Coz there are some explanations I need to m

So, will post them in the next entry.

N why today?

because...I have toooooo much to write and coz the final is finish ady.hahahaha

My last paper finished this evening.Reading tis 470 pages of political science was a torture.hahaha