grey's anatomy season 6, episode 9.

karev to izzie:

You made an assumption. you decided i did something. you didn't ask. you didn't hang around to talk. I am your husband, and you didn't give me the benefit of the doubt. so, you noe what? i cant forgive you either!

Actually, there's nothing I wanna say here. Still havent finish watching grey coz got so many stuffs to do. So, at this point...just put this dialogue here to remind maself not to judge over something too quick and always try to understand every hidden motives. Not to put a blame on things easily and learn every single step that comes towards as life is a journey which will come to an end. well, things...also got emotions i guess~~

p/s: I am grateful to get a chance to noe u. and I am grateful you taught me alot. and i hope this time you're also teaching me something.


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