Do you noe this feeling? Feeling tat I cant describe. Feeling tat I just dunno how. Feels like I wan to be home with family. Parents. Sisters. lil Brother. Gossiping. Quarreling. Where those things bring us up together till here today. The day that we are big enough to think of everybody in the family. Mom. Dad. Making them proud of every single step we're taking. Put the sweetest smile ever in their faces. Knowing how grateful they are having us. The Children! The feeling still, I felt like crying when I found maself in a-dead-white-square-room with nothing and nobody but with an unaccomplished mission. Wow! Well, this is the time I need somebody to talk to me. Show me that I am not living here in a-dead-white-square-room but on a-sphere-shape-earth of demanding world could be. Feel like talking to a hand which can show me how should I be so grateful with what I got and keep on dreaming of what i hv been dreaming of coz dreams will help me realize that I shud keep on moving.well, when there is hope, there is ambition. when there is ambition, there is motivation. when there is motivation, there is competition. when there is competition, there is excellence!! Anyway, what with the silence attitude? I cant get used to it. coz silent treatment doesnt fit everybody. n me! I felt so EMPTY.

p/s:really wonder wt am i doin here.


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