Explain? what?

Refer to this entry [where am i]. Someone asked me coz she dun understand bout tat entry.

What I need to say here is, the word torture meant nothing tat day when it came out from ma mouth just like tat.

From this part;

1. is quality better than quantity? or its vice versa
2. is hypocrite better than honest? or its vice versa
3. is purple better than green? or its v
ice versa

Me just wanna make things clear about the first point. These phrase where related to friends. For instance, which one would you choose in building a ship of frens? Some people choose quality than quantity. What does tis mean? Well, quality means fren of us who we can rely on or trust. However, for those who choose quantity wud never care bout that. They would be frens to anyone so that they will have bundle of frens regardless of the quality. Usually people who chose quality would have less good frens than people who chose quantity. The person they know other than person that they consider as friends would be at the level of people-I-know.

p/s:Hope this explanation would be clear enough for you. Thanks


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