just so perfect! it would be better if i can do something like...working part time. or contract. or nething. hmm...doing nothing.not a favorite. well, atleast i'm trying to finish ma project. huh! still not so much fun.hahah if i din went back there last week, i might can start working since the last paper finished. well, i shouldnt regret it now as the project is in progress. well, its hols. shud stop thinking bout utp tho. hmm...hols it just started for me. one asked me "kalo balik umah pon nak wape?"hahah lame~ ma famly ma everything. there's no other place can make me feel secure as home.~! if it is home, it is where i belong to. kelantan or putrajaya. just the same, as long as there is ma family. where i can have joy n fun n happiness.


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