I'm not Always Right, but I'm Never Wrong

Wow, the title...sound so transgressors aight.

Well, dun be mistaken. There is a meaning behind the words. I can't really recall where do I get tat sentence. But, whenever I used this phrase, people might asked me for the second time as they want to listen clearly the sentence. haha...yela cam poyo sangat je kan ayat tu.

I shud go to bed now, but please leme explain this for a moment.

Okay2, what does it mean from I'm not always right but I'm never wrong?

Let's put it this way.

For me, I will say that talking bad about a lecturer which I dissatisfied would not be a wrong deed as I thought I can say whatever I wan because I dun like her. Neway, it also stated in the federal constitution that I can talk about anything for whatever purpose at whatever place. However, for the person who listened to that would say that it is not right to talk bad about lecturer who teaches us and give us knowledge. So that, I'm not always right as for whatever I did would be wrong in the eyes of other people but I am not wrong when I think that it is me who is dissatisfied with the lecturer.

p/s: bare in mind that tis is only an example.chill~

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