yes, it is so true!!

This post is the answer for this entry. fren of mine.

Fezz, the answer is..yes it is! just so you noe, like I have some who inspired ma life. No matter how they feel about me. I will still put them in ma list. Being better is not that easy. Allah makes us all different. We could learn each other by knowing each other. Take the positive part and try much to avoid those negative parts. That's how u learn "ilmu kehidupan"


Previously I just talk about respect thing.n today again tis kinda thing has gotten into me when I just met the potential buyer with his assistant. The potential buyer is a Director of Operations of a company. This is what stated on his card. 

Well, as the time agreed.we met at the location. Me and ma dad were early and waiting for them. They came with a benz. Hell yeah, I can tell that it was the potential buyer's car.hmm They jump out from the car and the only person who greet us was the boss. Haiyarrkk...all this time who keep calling us was the assistant. N now when we met eye to eye. The only person that greet us was the potential buyer. 

Again, when we were at the site, the boss was the only one who listened to our explanation and the assistant got busy with other people searching for another locations which a bit quite unappropriated for me. My dad was talking, and he was like he got something that distracted him. haih

I wud say, next time, just let your boss do the business coz he is far know how to respect people rather than an assistant like u. Even the potential buyer is far high position person in the company. but he still know how to respect people. Well, this shows that no matter where you are or where ever your postition is, your manners are still considered on how you treat people. So, that shows where your level is. huhu!

a post

I am not brilliant but I'm not that stupid not to understand this. Well, I was worried about him, but now he found a better place to land. Still, I am worry about her. Cuz I dun hear anything. I hope she got a better spot also.

First of all, I am sorry when some people told me that "I dun understand ur post" and ma answer wud always be just a smile. Well, this is me. I always use other words to interact. Like "bahasa tersirat". Erm, I use it most of the time. But, for the people who noe me well, wud actaully noe wether or not when I use it.

Well, I used to be in a real working life where there are senior engineers, managers, engineers, technicians, even operators. I am a humble and a quiet person. I dun talk much wit those in the departments. only a few. but in the production lines, i can get along with most people. because most of the people in the production lines are operators which are far below the managers. at one point, it is not about education level, it is about attitude. It is not about the managers and the employees. but u can earn respect when u respect others. there are a few which are rude, but still i dun hate people. but he or she will become the person that i dislike.

I still dun understand when am just afraid of losing something tat is not mine. hmm~



terbang ke UPM

This might not related to me. Coz it was Kak Chik's registration day. But, I was there. For her. As I am home now, so I went there to support her on her first day in UPM. Well, it reminds me on ma first day in UTP. ahah, the day I got to noe ma rumet. Well, lucky for Kak Chik as she already got much time to stay at home after finish her matriculation.

Back then, me? I just started to have a long holiday, but already need to register for UTP. far as I remembered. It was only a week after SPM, I already need to continue study in a university. or what we call it "mahasiswi". I was grateful back then coz with that I can finish early. By the age of 22 I can get my degree and planning for a better stable life 3 or 5 years ahead.

Well, again this reminds me of a conversation that ever happened in my life. Why i chose to be an engineer? huh~ and I cant answer tat. Frankly speaking, I never tot of becoming a doctor.hahah~ it was funny. when I was a kid and it was in a class of 2 Cemerlang. I need to introduce maself as I was a new student. and in the introduction I need to state my ambition. well, 10 years back ma first ambition was to be a teacher.hee even, there are some wish to be a doctor, architect or engineer. Well, for me, it is simple. I want to be a teacher coz at that time I want ma fren to understand the teaching as far as I cud. hmm... I was a kid then.

Well, the ambition keep changing. and ma last ambition would be aeronautical engineer. Someone surprised when i said I might continue study after I get ma degree. Yeap, it is because I still din get what I want. and basically it is my dream actually~!hmm at this point I still dunno what aheads me. So, I cant plan for anything. Just for the time being, follow with the flow and I will never givup till the very very end.

jalan pisang

i found tis in ma journey....hehe ade jugak jln pisang~~