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I am not brilliant but I'm not that stupid not to understand this. Well, I was worried about him, but now he found a better place to land. Still, I am worry about her. Cuz I dun hear anything. I hope she got a better spot also.

First of all, I am sorry when some people told me that "I dun understand ur post" and ma answer wud always be just a smile. Well, this is me. I always use other words to interact. Like "bahasa tersirat". Erm, I use it most of the time. But, for the people who noe me well, wud actaully noe wether or not when I use it.

Well, I used to be in a real working life where there are senior engineers, managers, engineers, technicians, even operators. I am a humble and a quiet person. I dun talk much wit those in the departments. only a few. but in the production lines, i can get along with most people. because most of the people in the production lines are operators which are far below the managers. at one point, it is not about education level, it is about attitude. It is not about the managers and the employees. but u can earn respect when u respect others. there are a few which are rude, but still i dun hate people. but he or she will become the person that i dislike.

I still dun understand when am just afraid of losing something tat is not mine. hmm~


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