terbang ke UPM

This might not related to me. Coz it was Kak Chik's registration day. But, I was there. For her. As I am home now, so I went there to support her on her first day in UPM. Well, it reminds me on ma first day in UTP. ahah, the day I got to noe ma rumet. Well, lucky for Kak Chik as she already got much time to stay at home after finish her matriculation.

Back then, me? I just started to have a long holiday, but already need to register for UTP. huhu...as far as I remembered. It was only a week after SPM, I already need to continue study in a university. or what we call it "mahasiswi". I was grateful back then coz with that I can finish early. By the age of 22 I can get my degree and planning for a better stable life 3 or 5 years ahead.

Well, again this reminds me of a conversation that ever happened in my life. Why i chose to be an engineer? huh~ and I cant answer tat. Frankly speaking, I never tot of becoming a doctor.hahah~ it was funny. when I was a kid and it was in a class of 2 Cemerlang. I need to introduce maself as I was a new student. and in the introduction I need to state my ambition. well, 10 years back ma first ambition was to be a teacher.hee even, there are some wish to be a doctor, architect or engineer. Well, for me, it is simple. I want to be a teacher coz at that time I want ma fren to understand the teaching as far as I cud. hmm... I was a kid then.

Well, the ambition keep changing. and ma last ambition would be aeronautical engineer. Someone surprised when i said I might continue study after I get ma degree. Yeap, it is because I still din get what I want. and basically it is my dream actually~!hmm at this point I still dunno what aheads me. So, I cant plan for anything. Just for the time being, follow with the flow and I will never givup till the very very end.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Alhamdulillah, kcik pun dh slamat masuk UPM..pasni tggl kakak & syafiq je lagi..Tahniah CikZan & Ayah Mis kerana telah membesarkan anak2 dgn berjaya. Msg2 dapat lanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat yg lbh tinggi. Im proud of YOU..... Hugs&kisses

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