almost 2 weeks

Demam batuk selsema for almost 2 weeks. Really make me uncomfortable. Bangun pergi kelas then balik. The rest a bit hard nk spend time for "works". Mesti balik nk tdo la and get some rest. Now, dah feel better, ader kerja bertimbun plak. adieh. Resume la, cover letter la, quiz la..and fyp some more.haihh...baru beginning.huhu :(

Hey, nevermind lorh! sure u can handle it. :)

Btw, just finish upgrading ma resume. tak tahu lah mencapai piawaian tak. Abg Idham ckp this is the time to market yourself. But, me?0.o tade menda yg nk di market kan. Hopefully, muka neh da marketable enough.hahaha (kidding) so funny. seriously, nothing interesting meh...?haiyark


p/s: really nk do something with my blog neh.tak puas ati la.really have to construct for still tgh considering.hehehe 


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