Failure Analysis

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This is not a joke! I am not a material person. Just not. Whenever I look at the notes, I feel like it is so not me. But, why? Yeap, for the FYP sake. Am taking the failure analysis & NDT Testing. or am i just want to analyze my failure? erk, failure of being a good student, being an awesome daughter, and being a wonderful friend? Haha ofcoz not...Yeah, I know, I'm not perfect to fill those blank with fake me. But still, I can be there for whatever reasons as a me. Well, I hope so.

Honestly saying that I prefer it this way, spiting everything on me rather than confessing to me. It is easy to end this with sharp words rather than letting me to hate you in the end knowing that you're choosing the path that we're not supposed to choose. dear God~ I am sorry. I just love Allah. and I know, Allah will always forgive me. Thanks for letting me know :)


  1. mr.mie said...

    ape kes pulak ni?

    p/s: senang je nak edit jadi camtu, jap g abg wat muke bby camtu nak?..haha

    rotcais said...

    haha...adelaaa... :P

    p/s:haha no need la pkcik.tedious n wasting time

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