2 weeks off

2 weeks off with so many things happen.this long leave really makes me demotivated even me ady returned back to UTP. My 2 weeks hols has been spent to the max. Yelah, cuti for raya katakan.

Yeap, during the hols, there's so many memorable things happen. During I was on my way back home on thursday, I got a called for an interview. and it was on saturday. What? 2 days preparation?!and I left my clear folder at hostel. Have to get it and bring the folder during the interview.Plus, they want the copy of my certs.So, forsure I need to get the folder.and thanks to eday for helping me getting the folder.

Besides, I have invited kk to breakfasting at ma house on tat day. fetched her at UKM and she stayed at my house for 2 days. What a long time haven met. btw, she is ma primary school best mate. :)

So, the preparation for raya! Yeap!we have successfully run the project MEGA and both umi & abah happy. 2 in 1.Thanks to those who joint the venture.heheh....and got ma baju raya at PKNS shah Alam. Ady went to Nilai, but me din get nething from there. 

And the Raya!In the end, this the time we're together again as the whole family. I am glad to have such a very happy family who understand each other.love my family so much.

Whole first & second day raya were spent to visit relatives on Abah's side.as we din go back to Kelantan.and here is Abah's kampung. Well, we were happy. but, there was a tragedy on 3rd raya. Tragedy with cityliner bus driver.well, nothing serious bout that neway. And this is the best raya ever.even, I got stomachache on 2nd day raya.Thanks for those who came and thanks for those who make this raya the best raya ever! ('',) peace~

p/s:congrats to a fren of mine, N who got engaged.and congrats to K.M who got married.


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