esok balik, yeayy!!

Seriously, dun really have idea utk update. But, basically, there was drastic changes in here. Well, I got a new template and the new header designs. This is ma first approach. Still not satisfy enough tho. Anyway, its just fine for a new beginner as me. I dun really know to play with the html codes or css. But learning something new is fun!hee :) Well, to tell the truth, the idea is from a blogger who talks everything about blogging in his blog. The tips given are very useful. Be pleased to subscribe to his informative blog. And I hope I can make much2 more improvements.hee :P

Erm, now let's talk for what had happened to me recently. Without noticing that next week is already midterm + raya break. Tomorrow, I will be going back home. Who knows? I cant believe that it has already more than a month I have been staying in UTP and din even have time to go back home. And you know what? Spending all the time preparing for FYP just crazy. Trust me, I want this really to end quickly. I hope I can finish everything before the seminar, which is a week after raya. N yeap, I just met Ir this morning and my examiners for seminar would be Mr. Kamarudin N Ir Masri. I have no idea who Mr. Kamaradin is but, Ir Masri? OMG!! helppp me~~!! :O

The one and only 10 years vacuum chamber yang still survive kat UTP.hehe

And now, pause thinking bout the project for a while and focus on the becoming raya.hik3... and again this year raya kat KL yang lengang ituu :(. So, anyone yang ade kat kL, moh lerr raya sama2. Jemput2 la datang umah erp. I'm not sure about the raya preparation progress at home now. Hope things are just fine. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami. Bantulah kami untuk menjayakan project MEGA itu. InsyaAllah~ :) 


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