Aku Versus UTP

The title for my post should be Aku Versus UTP or Aku dan UTP? 0.o

ahaha both give different meaning =P but, I prefer Aku versus UTP. yes!

Well, the first draft of final exam timetable out ady. And I ady have the exam slip with me. So, the only thing that left now is my ace.my preparation. and my determination! and motivation! Oh, actually those are the only thing that I dont have now! aha! here I go~~

Aku versus UTP.

When I recall back when I first entered UTP. There was MAS. and...we were fed with so many things about UTP. in a week under the striking sun rays and those shitty things.Opss! shhh~ There's one thing that I still remember till now. When we were introduced to the UTP vision, and mission and not to forget the UTP Song..ahah!and the only thing that I know about is "well-rounded".

This vision & mission, can always be found whenever we open up the elearning. here we go~~

Mission: Our objective is to produce well rounded graduates who are creative and innovative with the potential to become leaders of industry and nation~

Yes, I believe that everyone is aware with the "well-rounded" term above and again and again we were always reminded by the lecturers. Now it comes to the time for me to ask myself. Does UTP achieve that in me? Having me as one of the utpian which will be graduating in less than a month? Am I a well-rounded graduate-to-be?

Now, let's look back at the UTP song's lyric!

Luasnya samudera dalamnya bumi,
Mendasari ilmu ke akar umbi,
Di dunia tanpa sempadan,
Kami berazam membina harapan,
Berpegang kepada nilai yang murni,Kemakmuran insan misi kami,
Hasil dituai, benih disemai,
Laba dinikmati beramai-ramai,


Universiti Teknologi Petronas,
Setiap warganya cerdas dan pantas,
Di bidang tekcnologi berdiri teguh,
Bersama ilmu, yakin dan jati diri,
Kami bertekad mencurah bakti,
Untuk dunia untuk manusia,
Matlamat kami sejahtera semua

and I can only give the cute-little-empty-stare as I dont really know if I ady achieve those or not. 0.o

p/s: this is the song that we sang during the last day of MAS after the oath taking.arent we?0.o

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