hot & spicy

Hey there! thanks for your cooperation in spicing up this matter. Yes! This is an important matter. Giving so much impact to Malaysian impression on UTP students. You just cant get away with that. Hey, if ur good enough then step upfront and clear UTP name. Haha I cant get more than enough to be emo with this matter. The fact that being a final year student and now wearing a board hanging on the neck saying "Please Hire Me!" just so desperately hope this matter wont put negative impact on those companies whom hiring. Well, thanks again O.W. 

Yeah, neither UTPian nor UTUSAN can shake me off.

As long as I can get things done. With that long list which never get short till the final day of examination. Yeah, still too long. and hey!in the mean time PLEASE HIRE ME! as well

my fyp poster

Well, the poster was submitted. and please be ready to start with the dissertation.oyeahh!no more time to be wasted but still, me keep on killing the time with stupid things.ahahaha

p/s:five reports need to be submitted!and none was done


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