I tot 2 months can wait.but, its just not. Went back home 2 times a week?ahah! really have to come back to UTP just because of the seminar. O yea, neway hye!it has been quite some time haven write just because I'm too busy plus with the laziness and the sleepyhead of mine.haha slept more than 12 hrs a day.haha believe it or not!! Well, actually it says busy when I have to go back home for family matters and came back to UTP for one night for the FYP seminar and went back home just because we have to go back to Kelantan for some important matters. Then, came back to UTP with less low motivation and lack of enthusiasm. Just for the Vehicle Chassis Design (VCD) pop test and attending the lab meeting for the FANDE project. Wah!the KTM is getting richer because of people like me.haha And yeap, yesterday got an interview at Puchong. Just the lazy me ady feel lazy to go back home, so I just shoot the interview and chose to stay at UTP. Maybe finishing my FYP poster. Well, it was done.Since tomorrow is the due date. Just kene leter la dengan Mr.Godzilla sbb buat kerja last minute kan.hahaha And now still cant print the poster as the pakcik asked me to go there tomorrow morning sbb dah ade 50 poster tgh queue to be printed. Hope can get it done before the class tomorrow.The good thing is, esok bley bangun breakfast lah!hee

p/s: Thanks to Mr. Godzilla for the poster contribution effort.hehe 
Mind uploading here?ahah! maybe next time :P


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