s[a]tu en[a]m kos[o]ng

What a coincident when my table number for the last paper for the entire undergrad studies, which is Failure Analysis & Non-Destructive Examination is

one six zero

1     6     0

...and I'm done!


Yea, its kinda weird as tomorrow is aidiladha and I am here in Toronto. sort of a lit bit distracted. This is the first time not celebrating raya with family. Trying hard to coax myself tat tomorrow is just no other different than yesterday or any other days.Trust me, I Miss my family so damn much. Days, please move faster so that I wont realize how tomorrow will turn up and ridicule me. urghhh

Yea, why wonder what tomorrow would be as it will be as how it wanna be. Let it be then. Go! Focus on your study and you'll go through it. 

Yeap! ur right then... 

p/s: I am really sorry if I am the one who put you onto that accident. 

short note

The oral presentation was done!

and I am in Toronto.ahahaha :D

Now, preparing for the final exam. And the first and second paper will be tomorrow.

p/s: I hv confirm for ma attendance on 26th November & 1st December.

izt an issue?

There was a gal who believe that success will only be satisfied paid with damn full of hard work, determination and motivation.

And psychologically it is normal to not make a straight line on the graph. As a human being, the most high factor that tend to make people helpless when it comes to the word "feeling". Feeling tend to always being the barrier that people need to break in order to maintain the straight line.

What feeling? Why feeling?0.o
The feeling of laziness.scared.unsatisfied.not confident. and many more.
Those feelings will be the most enemy in self when achieving something. The tendency of going outside of the comfort zone is the most probability that people will not choose when those feelings come. And I believe, those people who manage to pursue, is those people who tried so hard.

And, for those who stay still and look down on those people who is trying is useless. Yes. If they said, those who is trying her best to be better is useless, are those who we can call s.t.u.p.i.d

I have had enough said. Coz I appreciate each hard work of people. Thanks.

All for all

Dear World,

I have a courage to believe that we will meet soon. Not a little longer when I will be outta here less than a month. I know, others said you are hard enough and it depends on the people how to handle you. Certains are brave enough to get over you but certains just being following the flow. I am not sure if I am ready enough to be there with you. Because I believe you wont make things much easier. I once put a step on you, and I can see the real situation. Still, I was there for one small step and it wasnt enough to proof me that you're gonna be bad to me. Now, this is the chance for me to blend in all you. Am I ready for the challenges and circumstances?? Yeah, I believe there are alot more than you can imagine. 

Life would be much better with none regret. Keep on moving on!

I had my last test today. and it was the last for the entire undergrad studies. I really wish to continue, but there's something much more important that I need to put in front. I believe, I will come back to this world in few years up front. Please gimme the chance.

Was busy with dissert. project's reports.presentations.and preparations for the test. and, the final presentation will be next week. Wish me luck!

p/s: I wud choose Klang Valley rather than Kemaman. :P