izt an issue?

There was a gal who believe that success will only be satisfied paid with damn full of hard work, determination and motivation.

And psychologically it is normal to not make a straight line on the graph. As a human being, the most high factor that tend to make people helpless when it comes to the word "feeling". Feeling tend to always being the barrier that people need to break in order to maintain the straight line.

What feeling? Why feeling?0.o
The feeling of laziness.scared.unsatisfied.not confident. and many more.
Those feelings will be the most enemy in self when achieving something. The tendency of going outside of the comfort zone is the most probability that people will not choose when those feelings come. And I believe, those people who manage to pursue, is those people who tried so hard.

And, for those who stay still and look down on those people who is trying is useless. Yes. If they said, those who is trying her best to be better is useless, are those who we can call s.t.u.p.i.d

I have had enough said. Coz I appreciate each hard work of people. Thanks.


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