Life Satisfaction

Life satisfaction is very subjective as it is depends on the individuals. What do you want in life? What is the most thing you really wish is yours? What is your golden goal? What thing most satisfied you? Loads loads of questions can keep on playing around in your mind. What actually you want in life?0.o

I believe none of these questions never stop disturbing your life. At least one of those.

After those interviews attended, TI is the most challenging that I ever faced. Besides the Stoichiometric Test, the Plant Touring just the hell out of ma mind. Ma mind was so damn tired because of lack of sleep, and tat one whole day commitment just much more insensible.

Talking about the interview, I am still confuse! "Why should I take this?"0.o A week decision making duration just not enough. Will never be enough! This is a great opportunity tho. The Job or The Environment? Which one is your choice? You'll never decide because great opportunity just never come in package!

Kekanda Adinda (Monoloque vs. Atilia)

Unofficially Graduated

Monim World!

Yesterday was the second time me went back to UTP just because to settle down the harbound things. shooooot!! There was a slight problem with the printing service.and damn u! The thing was, I call the pic and scold him about it. and the picture just keep hanging in ma mind all the way back home. Is that me? Scolding him with less professionalism? keep on wondering. For the very max when I really got angry was during the internship when I was so angry with Shrai (not his real name).and what happen was, I went away and talk to the white board. pretending that I was talking to him. For that matter, atleast it was between me and maself. and now, it includes the second party.and this is no good. and this is so not me.

Well, forget bout him. I just hope the thesis.They are all okay. I have done ma best. Giving ma best commitment of all. He, the sv will never get to see what I have done. Yea, its okay as long as am giving all ma heart when I was doing that. No doubt.

Hey, enough! This means that, am done! :) I just hope everything is okay and nothing to worry more. so, here I am, unofficially graduated.unemployed.waiting to be hired.aha, care to hire me?0.o erk, common la.ahahhaa

What The Hell

Her first single of fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby.

Ma time worth paid. Cant wait for the becoming New Year. It will be release on January.

Ma Star gonna shine again.... :)

For time like this, with too much test from Allah.

Again, you come to bring back the smile.

They are nothing, but still you trigger the vibe abit. Miss yaa!

p/s: I just read latest update from her blog.and it will be released on March 8.cant wait cant wait


"Describe me in one word?"

I fell silent once shot with this Q. And she gave me the idea to shoot her with the same Q. And she gave me the idea to sell maself during the interview using 'that' word with 'that' explanation. Thanks, really appreciate it.

Allah knows best. Thank You Allah 


Unofficially Grad.
Able to do Clearance without any outstanding summons.
Able to spend a lot of time with family at home.
Can have a lot of rest before start a new life.