Year 2011

Hi all! This is the first entry of this year. Yeah people been wishing happy new year entry and bla bla bla. I'm just not in da mood of updating any thing. As I was too busy being at home. Since the hols start, loads of things need to handle.Including promoting maself to the HR, the manager and those engineers.haiyaaa. Anyway, just came back from my cousin's engagement and I still took this opportunity to update this column as today is a very special day. Besides putting efforts on my future career, I was searching for Gamat Gold. And end up, found that in a blog of kedaidewasa.ahaha That was the nearest distributor I can get. I have to find it by hook or by crook as mom's surgery will be less than a month. And please, I beg to anyone who read this, fellow friends, please wish for her health. I will say not much as tomorrow will be a new chapter for me and please just wish me the very best of all.Thanks for the moments we shared last year, and let's move on and start a new life ahead with loads and loads of happiness.Wishing everyone all the best.