Woa, new looks ady!haha Okay, so excited nak update. Erm...nk talk pasal apa eh?0.o

Yea, I know!

First of all, thanks to Mr. Godzilla for putting so much effort in making this world much more "Me" and yea beautiful.haha The thing was, I hv accidentally deleted my photobucket account and there it goes, all the pictures that were uploaded for the layout gone. Serve me right!ahaha and here it comes the new layout.

And...secondly I would say thank you Allah...as the operation was successful and ma mom is getting better now. Hope things going just fine. Thanks to those who care and support. Visiting and praying for the best. Really appreciate. Wishing you guys are great and healthy. Ma family and so relatives. Not to forget, thanks to Dr. Azmi and the team. :)

Yeah, then...I would say that I am excited now as I believe the rainbow that I drew and colored ma self is getting brighter. I believe for anything that I've planned, Allah knows best.and His planned is the greatest of all. Ma part, I just need to do ma best and survive. I wish you (Mr. Godzilla) "all the best" too

p/s: New quote that I just overheard someone..."Hidup bagaikan cuaca!Sometimes the weather is good and sometimes its raining..


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