New Environment!

Hye World!!

It has been quite some times since I update here. Well, I got some reasons. I was so0o0 damn busy with ma life lately. And a few problems arise. Well, doesnt matter. That's how life should be ryte.0.o Yea, I guess. Neway, some new things had changes and I had a good time there. Mingle around with bunch of great people really makes you feel that you are alive. Iznt that true?0.o Even it was a short time only, I really had fun with them. Especially my immediate boss whom always being supportive and positive.hee iznt that great?0.o Yea, I believe its true. Well, there are few things I want to highlight here as for what I have gone through with them,

1. Having High-tea with MLT's, especially meeting Tim Ingersoll who is the MD

2. Went to Dinner & Dance at Corus Hotel with the team, which the foods were really delicious. Sponsored by Warren. :)
3. One day out with the team for recreation where we played Bowling and Karaoke-ing 

Haha...nothing much actually. And Now I am here, and Warren said,  
"You can't expect people will unfold the red carpet for you where ever you go."  Yea, he gave me loads of positive thoughts which help me loads. And I will always remember those. I wish to go back there. But maybe some other day, when you offer me to be MLT. Haha so full of myself. Kidding neway!!