Kapar, Klang

Hi There!

Life is getting tougher. And I have to be strong!

I am now going on training at Kapar, Klang. Damn 1 hour from home. More interesting, jam kat kilang sana awal 10 minit. And I have to reach there 15 minutes earlier before the morning meeting start. Wow! This training really depends on my initiatives. If I want to learn a lot then I have to work harder. There’s no specific module and the program itself really unorganized. Why the management team really does not realize about this? Busy with politics? Yeah FTW.

It is one month already, and we still did not get back the Myvi. Some documentation with the insurance team still not settles yet.

Nothing much as I have no idea for now. Will try to keep updating this column more frequent. Yeah FTW!


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