Life goes on as well as our age. We are getting older and older. And for today, do you realize what does it take to put you here today as how you are now. As for who you are? Well, its the hardship of life. Those things you have gone through since you are a kid or since you realise every single thing that you need in your life for you to boost up your motivation, to realization your dream into hope. and lastly to really know that reality would not always be as bright as dream.

What does it mean when you wake up in the morning and your butt really stuck on the bed. And the feeling just so in doubt. Like....what am gonna do today? What would it be today? Where am I supposed to be today? Argh....the feeling just so damn right when things are really not as parallel to what really satisfy you. Back to the childhood. We always believe, things will be aight when we grow up and got the scroll in the hand. But still really, it does not confirm you will get your satisfaction of life. This is what you say when you start to get bored with what you have. Or when you never get what you want. Or actually you dont even know what will satisfy you enough. It wont stop till you drop. Till the world just cant take the blame anymore. Till everything goes down. 

No matter what you say, nobody's care. nobody's would hear you and say "no worries, you will always know what you want and you will exactly get them". Because Allah knows best, and you wont know until you lost it.


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