They said, life is short. So, live life to the fullest.

Well, I am living my life now, coz I know I might be leaving this kinda beautiful world at not knowing time.

Yea, these two three days quite tough for me! and I need to borrow your strength and believe.

I have move to a new location which is not bad though. However, I got a slight problem with the guard regarding the parking issue.

Damn the management really...do they have the qualification though. Anyway, who cares?!

Hell, yes! I am back to Jalan Kuching after finished my one month training at Kapar.

Continuing my task as a "well-you-know" with no passion and courage at all.

Just for the sake of money! Oh yess! I admit it because this is not something that I want. Not the environment I wish to blend in.

People might say I dreamt too high, but the reality is...yes I am. I need the money, for the family and the future! You too right....I guess so.

Well, I have to bear with this for atleast 1 or 2 or 3 years maybe. Got the money, got the experiences, got everything what it got for me...then JUMP OUT!

Hahaha....then, getting married, then start my own business, and start working from home, and start saving more and more money for the babies. Hahaha

It is so funny when I come to think of that. Well, different people have different ways of thinking. What I am saying today might come true or might turn into something else....

which is something better, I HOPE!


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