Nak buat ape?

Hi and Good Morning!

Well, it is still morning kan. Yeap! Sunday morning. and I dunno what to do. Since last friday, am so depressed and demotivated. Plus, am all alone now. Semua balik Kelantan!! waaaaa.....

Except for me, yang "sgt komited dgn kerja..." kakcik, yang komited dgn training MASUM, and ateh, kat Seremban yang also komited dgn final exam. They are going back for Kak Yani's Wedding this becoming 8th June. Hey ya, apologize as I cant be there. Tapi, dalam hati neh memang nak sangat-sangat balik. Dah lama tak jumpa Ayah Cik Ha and family. Also Papa Long.....and Ayah Cik He. Well, after all, I really miss Kelantan.

//It will be so weird if I said this...

I am thinking of resigning. tapi, life will be harder! I have commitments. and also a beautiful dream!
Should I stay back and bear with it, or just let it go....?0.o
Am now actively searching for jobs, if there is any vacancies....please leme noe.
Because I really need to move on! I believe this is the right choice. Just waiting for the right time~

p/s : Just dont ask me why


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