Last Day

Last Day?

Last day of what? I wish today is my last day here. Bos baru masuk tpi g makan kat pantry plak. Lalu kat depan ak buat tak nampak. Hahaha Fine! K.As dah mengamuk byk job masuk tapi tak cukup kaki tangan. Bukan niatku untuk menghuru-harakan. Even Lan happy ak dapat kerja lain. Dy pon faham keadaan ak. haha cliche kan.

Just met HR people. She said pasal confirmation tu. Tapi, me no comment. Malas nak campur tangan urusan bos. Coz I am fine. Heboh kat org cakap me nak resign sebab tak dapat confirmation lagi.
P-L-E-A-S-E la weyy. This thing lagi cliche.

I know, jumping to this future employer cant guaranteed me anything. Yes, better position. Better Job Description. Still it cant be guaranteed that I can develop there. Just hope so. Even for the environment thingy, nothing can promised me that am gonna like it there. Yes, that's the risk I should take. Maybe some people will understand. Some might not. Help me to grow. Just please! Let me be my true self. Just gimme the chance. The opportunities are such a big thing for a new comer. Trust me!

Wish me Luck for my future undertakings!



  1. mima misran said...

    we're always here, just at ur back... Abah, Umi, achik and sapix wishing gud luck in everything that u gonna do... and May Allah always blessing and and always with u...

    Anonymous said...

    hey...why dont tell me??glad that u have make good/wise decision to leave the company...finally...its not that i want the company to lingkup or what...hehehe..u know what i know...:) am happy for u...wish u all the best in ur future u cuzn..=)

    Love ; Kak amal

    rotcais said...

    mima : thanks femly for the support.really appreciate that, coz i know you guys will always be there for me.

    mr.mie : amin...thanks dear for the support.

    kak. amal : am sorry for not telling you. none was told. 24hrs notice. thanks for your doa. and also thanks for introducing me to the co. thank you Allah for giving me the chance to learn something precious as for ma 4 months there. good luck to you too.

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