Dear world,

It has been so hard these days. Mr. Godzilla pon da penat kot ngn my unstable emotion and also fluctuating moods. Well, I did not intended to do so. It’s just the things that evolve around me these days’ releases too much negative ions surround me.  Haih cakap macam neh, nati ade org ckp I blame other things untuk cover up benda yg I sendiri create actually. 

Haha Like I care~~! Actually, No lah…! Of coz not.

Okay the issue here today is not the money, but the scope. Where the happiness of me lies there. Money is just part of it. The deal is not…

Opps! Jab, ad phone call**********************************************************************(on call)

Ya Allah…dpt call for interview lagi. Dengan masalah yang sedia ada sekarang, ceq da penat. Now dah menyesal kenapa apply banyak2. Yea lah, dlu ak geram. I am not happy here, tu yang maen cekau je mana yang ade offer.

Tadi baru dia orang offer nak tambah 1k. Sbb nk ak stay. Now tambah satu interview lg. Company automotive lak tu. Lagi la pening! Macam mana ni Ya Allah. Susungguhnya hamba-Mu ini lemah dalam membuat keputusan.

Here, maybe I won’t stay. Coz money just can’t buy happiness. Just like sorry can’t buy forgiveness. It’s true. 


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