Hanya Untuk Mu Sayang

Dear World,

Wow, dah lama tak guna perkataan world tu kan....haha neway, this post is specially dedicated to all my colleagues. Tajuk entry macam jiwang je kan. Zzzz....takde niat pon nk tulis entry jiwang kay.

Okay, actually what am gonna talk about today is a very simple thing. Maybe ada orang dah tahu and dah selalu gunakan. me pon always guna, especially when I would like to consider it as private dedication/wish.  Oh yea, actually am talking about posting my status on facebook.  

These few steps are easy to follow when I wish to update private status, which I wish only that person can read my status and not to the whole world. Neway, just follow the steps below:






p/s: harap info neh berguna untuk kawan rakan taulan


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