gong xi


Jan O six

surely me....

surely mine....

and surely thanks for these.... :) 


Today gonna be one of the new chapters in my life. its gonna be dull, its gonna be interesting or its gonna fill with anger or temptation or whatever. Life just dunt care. It doesnt stop whenever we want it to stop. and sometimes it does stop whenever we are still in the stake of enjoying everything we want and dont want to lose them at all. strange. but true. just live. yeterday, today, tomorrow even in the future, there will always be something for us to grab and captured. but how much do we appreciate that? a day? a month? or an hour? sometimes we dont even noe what make us feel better. there's always a trick. and we simply judge what is playing on the eyes. not looking trough the heart. simply judge. and says its ok. I believe, I wont be writing here for quite a moment in the future. But this page is still here for me to flip through. may everyone have a good life and have a happy ending life. have a healthy life. have a balance life. home, work, love and health. take care of yourself and if you want something in life, go reach out and grab it! May Allah bless everyone~~ 

Thanks for everything.

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