less is more

Hi all...

tak kesah la. hi kepada semua. silent reader ke outspoken reader ke. just hi

Hey, loads of things to tell about. So many things sampai tak tahu mana nak start.

Well, lets start with home.... grrr last week was fantastic! Since we were small, we were taught to respect people, be responsible, and being humble. Iya, saya pendiam. but, i am an observer. sedih dan pedih. aku mengagumi dia. walau di hina, di pinggirkan, mahupun dianiaya. dia tetap tabah dan percaya kepada satu. satu pertalian yang kononnya pengikat, tapi pada hakikat, dia menangis di dalam hati. aku sebak. mengagumi ketabahan dia. aku tidak menyangka ia sungguh penting bagi dia. sampai aku lupa. lupa, sebab aku memang gila kerja. aku tidak merancang untuk meninggalkan kerja kerana aku tidak sedar betapa pentingnya ia bagi dia. melihat sesuatu itu melalui matanya, aku percaya, dia sangat mementingkan itu. Akhirnya aku membuat keputusan untuk menemani dia dan mengabaikan kerja. kerana, aku juga percaya pada satu pertalian itu. aku percaya bahawa satu pertalian itu amat penting bagi dia. maka, begitu juga aku. kerana, dia dan dia adalah orang yang aku contohi dari kecik. kerana dia dan dia adalah yang terbaik dalam hidupku

Less is More.

Inilah yang diajar kepadaku dari kecil hingga besar. sehingga aku dapat belajar segalanya. yang mana, aku sedar bahawa ilmu kehidupan bukan sahaja dapat dipelajari daripada pengalaman sendiri. melalui pemerhatian juga amat penting. atau juga malalui pengalaman yang dialami atau dilakukan oleh orang lain. buka minda buka hati. yess! diversity sangat penting.


Kenapa? memang lumrah manusia. tidakku sangka. semut di seberang laut lagi jelas dari gajah di depan mata.  bukan untuk menuduh atau menuju. hanyalah detik di hati. sampai bila dapat ku bertahan? lagi diam, lagi dipijak. lagi merendah, lagi dihina. sedarkah kamu apa yang membezakan manusia di sisi Allah? amal & ibadah. bukan hak kita menghukum. yang miskin dihina diherdik dicaci dijauhi. yang kaya diagung-agungkan. siapa tak mahukan kesenangan?

buat A salah, buat B salah, buat C salah. ada je salah. tak boleh ke hormat orang tu sebagaimana kita nak dihormati? kita semua sama. yang menilai itu Allah. kalau kita boleh benarkan hati kita untuk berkata ya kepada yang tidak, kenapa perlu bersuara bila orang lain juga melakukan yang sama. again, manusia semua sama. tak usah banding dan membanding. tidak cukupkah apa yang ada?

bila tiba masanya akan ku suarakan. mungkin tak perlu kuceritakan matlamatku sebelum kamu menghukumku. bara yang kugenggam dari kecil, biarlah aku saja yang tahu. iya, aku dan tuhanku. tuhanmu jua.


Hello World,

Macam biasa lah , after one month baru ada masa nak update. Hey, macam la busy sangat. Well, today a bit relax. This morning, woke up...get breakfast with family then went to work. Amazingly, sampai office, tengah buat kerja, suddenly rasa nak balik and malas nak buat kerja. Grrrr Ntah kenapa. Mungkin perasaan marah masih berkobar-kobar and kesian dekat org-org yang kene datang kerja tu. Seriously, they should be with their family at this hour.

What make me so busy? 

Well, it was hanging...there...Process. Why? Because suddenly Matahari got transfered back to IWS. Well, just to cover things up nicely which in other words, he was fired. Well.....that's what everybody really wish for. But, not me! Please, and I know a few people also disagree. But, we are nobody and have no power. Well, the person who disagreed also got terminated. Such a cruel world. Am not saying everything was not good or not bad. Still, there are positive parts and negative parts of it.

He was good in teaching. Even I was scold or got humiliated, still he always want to teach me something and make me much-much stronger. With this new situation and environment, everybody start showing their true colors. Well, there is no boss, so everybody wants to be the boss. Trying so hard kicking the competence out and build the empire. 

How good life is with these kind of people. Kenapa melayu susah nak maju. Sebab perangai busuk hati, dengki, kedekut ilmu, dan macam-macam lagi yang tak pernah nak menyokong satu sama lain supaya sama-sama berjaya. It happen to me or not happen to me, still, I am an observer and a good one!

Thanks a bunch!
Syafiqa Misran

nobody knows

Dear Diary,

Why I am facing such so much stress these days? Is there any room for me to get some relaxation and peacefulness. Without disturbance from the negative thoughts and negative ions? Negative environment and negative vibration? Why all these thing happen without prior notice? It's just happen! and me? as always...amazingly not under-control, naive and simply pretending. Look so tough and untouchable...but, I am so weak inside. Fighting silently, trying to prove that I can.

Hey, why the hell i care all bout this? nothing related to me. but still, it is affecting my life, my path and my concern. Should stop talking bout nonsense but still they bothering me. with the actions and superstar drama. Hahaha

Sometimes, it is funny to know something that people dont know that I know. What is that? Well, pretending like I know nothing why they act that way and just let them  be. But actually, I am super duper understand what is going on around here. That is the advantages you know about psikology, and philosophy  and social science plus life experiences. Oh my, but nobody knows.

Best Regard, P.

eid 2012

I hope it is still not too late to wish

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.

But, for me....tak perlu tunggu hari raya je nak mintak maaf kan. If you ever commit any mistake, it is better to say sorry immediately. No harm trying to be good person kan.

Sorry and thanks always has its own magic.

Well, we are celebrating raya in Putrajaya this year. Nothing much different from previous years. Raya visits at Mak Long's house, Cik Yot's house, Cik Wang's house, Cik Arep's house and Pak Tam's house...and a week after raya barulah pergi rumah relatives yang lain...yang dah pulang from kampung. Open House lagi.

For us, raya ke4 dah takda tempat nak pergi kan. We decided to go to Sunway Pyramid & Lagoon. Hey, orang sibuk beraya, we all pergi have fun kat theme park. But for me, that would not be a problem. As long as we as family stay united, and we are always together. the place wont be a problem. as long as we are happy.

And for FT, Mahirah make the first open house after her marriage. Nasi Arab for the menu. and such an achievement for her. And for FT history, she is carrying a baby :) Tak lama lagi, all FTs akan jadi auntie...and, the due is next year.

Well, my tab is running out of battery. Will upload lotsa pics on the next entry yah!

work versus family

wow...i can see the statistic. am able to make only one post per month. meaning Syafiqa is very busy. busy with work. haha kononnya la. anyway, glad that i have atleast this time now to update this old book. well, lotsa story to tell....but macam biasa lah. bila dah lepas jadi malas nk cerita. just, for things that I really face now is very very critical. The project is going to the end. hopefully. that 3 plants now are going to be finished soon. soooon...soooon...soooon please. am tired. but...have to start the othher bigger plant already. so boring...when i start to talk bout work right. haha kerja kerja kerja kerja...cik S mesti dah bosan hari-hari me bebel pasal kerja kan.

Neway, yesterday we celebrated ateh's and caary's birthday at Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, @ Bandar Baru Bangi. Well, those foods really2345678 not bad. wallah~!! and what a surprise, me got an advanced birthday present from G. My birthday would be a day before Hari Raya. and he will be going back to his kampung by Thursday lagi kan. So, no chance la to celebrate..neway, its okay...really thanks for the present. that would be more than enough already.

1 week left for Hari Raya...and Matahari is chasing me with the projects. Really dont have time to think bout other things. MP MP MP MP...tido pon mimpi MP. Bila nak panggil orang pon nak sebut MP. haih...that MPs really block my mind. nak tido pon tak senang.

Eh Hari Raya kan...this year we are not going back to Kelantan. Raya kat Putrajaya lagi la nampak gaya erkk. Raya dekat hutan batu, really no fun hokeh. :(

Thanks to Umi & Abah for the arrangement. Thank you Allah for having me this happy family :)

one year

Hai, it is JULY....tomorrow would be one year anniversary for me. Oh My, this is the longest so far. The 4th. I have gone through good days, bad days, tough days, stupid days, and sheeetttt days. Well, that's the way I learn and become who am I today. But still, Sunny's expectation to me is too high. Even, I cant see myself as manager. Well, as coolie? yes!

Besides, wathejerkkk is almost coming back to normal. well, not 100 percents. Still frustrated with Proton. No offense.

Still, LIFE is worth living for if ....

Neway, kesian kat cik S today sbb have to tumpang somebody else untuk pergi kerja. Because am on leave today. I have to send Mr. G pergi airport. He is flying to Bali this time. Safe journey dear :)

Andddd......last week was awesome! Me brought Umi, Kakak, and G for a buffet dinner at Cinnamon Coffee House, One World Hotel. The foood, wallah! But, too many choices...don't know what to choose.

22 June 2012

Today is a birthday for a friend. "Wishing you a very happy birthday, and have a good life"

Tapi, post kali ini takde kaitan pon dengan birthay itu.hehe

Actually, something had happened today. Well, it has been long time ago since I am hunting for the bus and taxi. I guess, last time was during foundation or first year in UTP, back in 2006. Yupp, last night cik siti already told me to let her know if I couldn't get the taxi. However, I just dont want to think more and I just really dont want to trouble her anymore. She's just so kind. I was like, whatever happen I can just make that quick thinking and action at that particular moment. Hey, till this morning I still did not get the taxi number from Safrina. I was about to get nervous already, but suddenly she called and give me the number. I tried to contact the taxi driver and he said there's nobody near to my place now, so "there's no taxi for me". Wah! I was ready and it is 9 already. The appointment was at 10am. The least I could think of was just follow my heart. I walked down the stairs and I could see that JMB's office was open. and yess! Ila was in there. Yes I know, it would be a shame for me to stay there for along time ady but I still din know how to go to the town with public transport. Ila said, it might be quite difficult for me to get the taxi straight away from here. What I could do was, I could take the bus with number 43 to the town and get the taxi there.

So, I walked to the bus stop where the bus stop located at the back of the apartment. Near to a restaurant that me and Siti always had dinner. And yess, I waited for the bus there. I just would not dare to look at the time because I knew I will be late already. wait and wait and wait, and the bus came. Got into that scary bus and one thing I could only think was, "Why they are so busy arguing, pointing fingers and wasting time, but they could not just care bout this?" The bus was soooooo old, creepy, stinky and not safety at all. Damn! Well, forget bout that. When I reached the town, I tried to get a taxi....and wallah! RM20 just to go to Selayang. Damn you! But, because it was late already I just say ok. As I reached Proton, straight away met Miss Chang, get the documents, and me and Mr. Asri straight away went to Puspakom Kepong. Yess! Another RM25. Patutla Miss Chang nak representative, kalau tak dorang yang kena bayar kot. Haih, again.

okeh such a long story.

Then, I was there for 1 hour and a half for my beloved car to be inspected. waiting for the result itself half an hour. and then went back to Selayang. On the way back to Selayang, a colleague called telling that there was a problem at the office and one of the machine could not be completed. Oh My, I really hope everything would be okay. But then, I was so worried. Seems like I have to go to the office later.

But, still I have to do some errands first. After settle everything with Miss Chang, I asked them to wash the engine. Well, thank you for doing it free. Suddenly I felt hungry, then I realized I haven't eat anything yet since morning. But, still I have to do something. I really want to send the car to the spa and do some cleaning. The "rework" thingy really make my car dirty. Seriously I cant stand looking at it. So, I brought the car to tint the windows and everything, then to the car wash. vacuum everything, then I felt relieved as everything was done. Even, it was not up to my expectation, still I felt relieved because things seems slowly come in place. 

I was so happy, yet still happy.

After come back home, me went out with the girlfriends and catching up. Wow! and get sleep at 1 am in the morning. Such a loooooong day!

p/s: I work hard to get the eyes open while making this kind of expression, because my eyes will get smaller when I smile too big.


Again, I cannot take it! Why? Why? In my very single day, I have never never never have the intention even at the size of baisilius, never intended to interrupt or to disturbs other’s life. Why? Why? Again….hmm I am human being, and I am not perfect. I never have the power to do everything on my own. That is why sometimes I need help. Some help from some people who are willing to help. Who have the big heart. Who is so kind. In my entire life, I have never ever feel like interrupting other’s life like whatever it is. I have my own life which I am putting the play right now. Hello! If you think I am taking something that is yours, then take it, keep it! I have never ever think to take it from you. Just one thing, don’t interrupt into my life. If he/she want to be in my life, then it would be a pleasure for me. And one more time I would like to say this, I did not take anything from you! If I did not disturb your life, (well, I don’t even think of it) then please stay away from my life! I have bigger mission, and vision that should be taken care of. There’s no point to think about this tiny little thing. Which is nothing at all~ bluergh

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womb to tomb

Hi world! How have you been doing? I cant sleep last night. Thanks to backpain for helping me not to sleep the whole night. And i need all the courage to go to the first working day of the week. These few weeks, it has been rough and tough, but i take it as a challenge! That is life after all! Since the collision, i have been demotivated and almost forgot the important of it. Thanks to beloved family, love, and friends for keeping me on the ground and hold me tight. Thanks for the support and couraging words.

That short vacation really regenerative. Tuning up my head, and refreshing all the negative thoughts, really helps alot. Work can depress you loads and affects 60% of your life. That's why me need a vacation once in a while.or something that can cheer me up atleast.Me was so happy.

Anyway, life is a journey from a womb to the tomb after all. Good Luck!

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There is no point to talk this people is bad, that people is not good…seriously no point at all. Unless if you have the intention to learn from it. From their mistakes, from their bad attitude, from their lacking. Because I always believe that I am perfect, very not. Nobody is perfect anyway! Hey, trust me, it is pointless to point people at fault. It is much better if we try to find the solution rather than brain storming who is at fault. Yes, it is very important to find the root cause of the problem. Why not? Well, important, very it is! For me, in order to get a solution of a problem, I have to know the root cause. The root cause can reflect to many kind of ways. Hey, do you know why people have to learn? And why they have to practice? Well, ask your own brilliant self!

Seriously I am not in a good mood at all. I can see who is struggling and who is presenting the play. This world is so mean and fair enough sometimes.

Anyway thanks to Niranjan for being my green tea stockist. I need green tea to neutralize my emotion. Oh ya!

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Oh seriously, i miss my family now. I need my car. I want to go back home. Arghhh.... Seriously, this is the feeling that i really dont want to have. The feeling of. . .

Hey babe, i miss you too!

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Seriously? My last update was two months ago. How can it be? Busy sangat ke aku neh? Well last month was quite traqic. Yet toooo many things happened. Tapi, semua imbuhan kata yang bermain diminda-ku sudah tak mampu terluah. Mungkin sebab dah pendam lama sangat. Well April, you are awesome! Always taught me loads of things.















two years ago

The feeling today is quite dull and sad. It is the last day of a colleague. I dont know why me felt this sad. Ohmai, just exactly the same feeling 2 years ago when i have to leave S.O.N.Y and to be exact that beloved friend. Yes, I need to continue my final year and finish my studies. But being there for nearly one year or to be exact 9 months it is quite a long time for me. For a baby, she might have learnt alot. From just know how to cry, she might can sit already. Great. I just dont know how to describe the feeling. Always it is me, mampu tersenyum sahaja....but deep inside, I feel sad. Being in the same company just like being a team. She helped me loads. Damn, we did not share loads of stories but I can tell from just look deep in her eyes. She bear loads of burden, doing the right thing, cleaning other's shitss, and always she got the blame. Yes, it is unfair, but truthful hurt. I wish I can take a guitar and dedicate a song to her when we were shaking hands this evening. Well, good for her. She got a great place though. Dealing with Oil & Gas would be a great platform. Just hope not to involve with that b*ibery thingy. =P 

Wish you all the best~! 

once in four years

Hello there, i am not gonna talk about what the title above is.but it's just as a significant. Well, happy to announce that this is my first post using blogger-droid.ohmai, berlagak gila kan....hahaha no harm neway. 

And i believe its still not too late to wish my beloved sister a very happy birthday!! Well, her birthday was on 27th, but we celebrated on 25th. My mom planned that crazy birthday surprise. She might have miss that sister so much.huhu...it was saturday morning, umi wake me up for breakfast and asked me to accompany her to the market. She wanted to get all stuffs for the bbq that night. Well, we were planning to hv BBQ. Yup, then after coming back from that 'Pasar Borong Selayang', me went out again to get a present for my sis. And and and we started the journey to Melaka at 6pm, because we have to wait for Syafiq. Oh man, he got a zapin practice for malam seluhur budi at his school.

So, we went there with two cars. All were there except for kakak. Kesian kakak because she got class on saturday. So, we reached there around 8pm. There refers to Along's house, Merlimau. Jauh giler duh,near to Jasin ady. So, we went in the house and waited for her other friends. Actually, her bestfriend ady bring her out just to give us the chance to enter the house and prepare those necessary stuffs. Trust me, all of this was Umi's idea. 

Yup, and we waited in the house with the cake and evrtyhing, switch off all the lamps, and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! SURPRISE! Huhu

Those were really worth it. We had a good time together. Having BBQ with SUPERB bihun. All were umi's recipes, and who would resist that? Wallah.....!! We had chicken, squid, fish, and shrimp. Heee

After everything settled, we went back straight away because my cousin got stuff to do..and we reached home at 4am in the morning. And guess what, me woke up at 11am.gyiahahaaa....so tired man! Mcm me plak yg drive kan.

Well, special thanks to those who joined!

And that's all. Enough for today's story :-)

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no need title

Actually, got loadssssss of hot stories. Well, can consider as hot. but figuring that no shame, make me believe of some mentality problem. People do good deeds, People do the bad deeds. After all, it defines the rooted and how it expanded. the brain, the body, the feeling and oh the heart. Hey, no point to story here but still i am so thankful and grateful for having umi and abah...and ofcoz my family. need not additional members. Sure! I am seriously sure. we are who we are. Not from the same rooted. but can consider under same generation? Oh stop it babe! I am thankful for what Allah has granted me. Umi and Abah is the most precious thing (person) in my life.

Since I was a kid, I have never seen them do bad things to people. They tot us the best they can. Even being fooled by people for so many times, they always take the positive part of it. Even, being treated bad by others for quite million of times, they ignored them all and still teaches us the most important life's aesthetic. RESPECT. And, they never put grudge on them. and never allow us too. Besides, when bad things happen, they taught us to take it as a reminder, just not to do the same thing to other people. Because trust me, they have a good heart. Yes true, they can't give us everything, but they already gave us the most precious shield and bullet to continue the journey where ever we are.

This is no rude, but sometimes I have to tell. Yes to tell, so that I can see more clearer, what's hidden. or why does that happen. oh stop it! Sunny always said, if he'd find who did that kerosin thingy or can also be considered as murder attempt, he wud give 50,000 for phsycology treatment. oh mai, i dunt have loads of money, but i can pass you to sunny. grrr.

Well, whatever you did, this entry is still posted with some respect. and never meant to hurt anybody. and yes, i have forgive you...because once promised to myself, that i will forgive people before go to sleep everyday.


Hey there, its quite boring tho. and it has been almost 2 weeks little Raf not here. No place for stories nemore. None would understand more. Nothing can be done. Just keep surviving. Hey, poor Sascha. somebody put something in his mineral bottle. Something oily, smells like petrol. Totally lost his focus today. Was happy this morning on his first day after christmas. Turn out to be something else. 

And most important, I lost the game. Am sucks at planning the surprises or whatever. arghh... kantoi sendiri. Nothing more important than his happiness. my love. am calling him my love. so what? You have been there at your age? So, why cant me? Stop talking bad bout people if you yourself cant guarantee that you are good. Well, better. No harm, dont feel offended. Just this writing is all about me myself and my world. Other than that, thanks alot to my family for the support in making the wishes. and well, helping me to make it happen. So lucky to have my family whom always being supportive and love me. Love my family so much! Thanks loads loads loads.
Thank you Allah for sending the love through the people I love. 

HAPPY 2012! :)