Hey there, its quite boring tho. and it has been almost 2 weeks little Raf not here. No place for stories nemore. None would understand more. Nothing can be done. Just keep surviving. Hey, poor Sascha. somebody put something in his mineral bottle. Something oily, smells like petrol. Totally lost his focus today. Was happy this morning on his first day after christmas. Turn out to be something else. 

And most important, I lost the game. Am sucks at planning the surprises or whatever. arghh... kantoi sendiri. Nothing more important than his happiness. my love. am calling him my love. so what? You have been there at your age? So, why cant me? Stop talking bad bout people if you yourself cant guarantee that you are good. Well, better. No harm, dont feel offended. Just this writing is all about me myself and my world. Other than that, thanks alot to my family for the support in making the wishes. and well, helping me to make it happen. So lucky to have my family whom always being supportive and love me. Love my family so much! Thanks loads loads loads.
Thank you Allah for sending the love through the people I love. 

HAPPY 2012! :)


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